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Meghan McCain Dragged After Trying To Downplay The Role Her Father Had In Landing Her 'The View'

Meghan McCain Dragged After Trying To Downplay The Role Her Father Had In Landing Her 'The View'
Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Nepotism, favoritism, both words refer to the practice among those with power or influence of favoring their relatives or other people of power, especially by giving them or their inner circle jobs.

During the Trump administration, the children of AG Bill Barr, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the President's own daughter and son-in-law were handed jobs in the administration, including the creation of positions for them.

The rampant nepotism in the Republican lead White House made the false calls of nepotism leveled against Hunter Biden by the GOP particularly hypocritical. Hunter Biden, the son of a powerful man, may have received preferential treatment in hiring by outside entities, but that's favoritism on the part of the employer, not nepotism by the relative.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of former Arizona Republican Senator John McCain, has been a morning anchor on The View for quite some time, as the "conservative" voice of the show.

But she doesn't believe her connection to a former Presidential candidate for the GOP has anything to do with how she got the job.

McCain even noted her last name "got her in the door" throughout her career.

That fits very neatly into the definition of the favoritism she is trying to deny.

Although a case can be made nepotism is the wrong term since there's no indication Senator McCain was friends or relatives with anyone involved in hiring for The View.

McCain repeatedly invokes her father's name or career during her commentary.

For someone who seeks to extract themselves from their father's shadow, it would help if she stopped shining a light on her father daily.

McCain has also left a bad taste in the mouths of her co-hosts repeatedly by invoking her father's name so often.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg outright told McCain to "stop talking" once as she went on a tangent that—you guessed it—invoked the name of John McCain.

Nepotism, favoritism or preferential treatment, McCain herself has largely defined her career by her father.

If he is her inspiration for continuing conversations surrounding politics, which encompasses a big part of her time on The View, then the sooner she owns it, the sooner people will stop calling her out for denying it.