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Meghan McCain's Rant About Identity Politics On 'The View' Turns Into A Self-Own For The Ages

The View

During a recent episode of The View, Meghan McCain went on a defensive rant against "identity politics," questioning whether one of the show's members should be replaced because of the lack of Asian American representation.

So much projection. Imagine telling on yourself like that.

Twitter was quick to point out that, as the daughter of famous Senator John McCain, the only reason she had her job was because of "identity politics."

Others had an even simpler way of answering McCain's rhetorical question: YES.

In McCain's mind, the daughters of rich celebrities (like herself) are "qualified," while minority hires are "affirmative action."

Twitter users, many of whom have long had a problem with The View's outspoken conservative co-host, were brutal in their mockery of her statement.

Many noted that McCain's response was littered with ignorance about systemic racism and how it affects all of society.

The View hasn't made public any plans to replace one of their co-hosts, but if they did decide to do so, many people online know which one they'd like to see making an exit.