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'The View' Co-Host Sunny Hostin Shuts Meghan McCain All The Way Down For Lamenting 'Gone With The Wind' Being Pulled

'The View' Co-Host Sunny Hostin Shuts Meghan McCain All The Way Down For Lamenting 'Gone With The Wind' Being Pulled
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After HBO Max removed Gone With The Wind from it's library until proper historical context could be added, Meghan McCain of The View was quite unhappy.

But, her co-host Sunny Hostin let her know what is actually important.

Meghan foreshadowed the conflict on Twitter, where she said she couldn't wait to dig into the movie's removal with Oscar-winning cohost Whoopi Goldberg.

On The View, Goldberg said she thought the movie deserved to be seen.

But added only if it was made clear to audiences that the historical values and inaccuracies depicted in the film were very different from today's.

Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, thought there were far more important things to be talking about, saying:

"Well, we have had this discussion many times before, and, you know, my biggest concern right now isn't the availability of 'Gone With the Wind' on HBO."

While Hostin agreed that the movie glorifies a horrifying period of history and paints White supremacists as heroes, she regretted how much time important voices were spending on this trivial issue.

"Nobody is in favor of censorship, and someone like Megyn Kelly spent all morning tweeting about this."
"I would like to see that same energy from people on the right rather than talking about this issue, talking about the voter suppression that happened yesterday in Georgia, talking about the 112,000 Americans that are still dead from [the virus]."

She concluded:

"I think this is much ado about nothing. I think this is a big distraction, and again, it's a discussion we have had so many times before."

McCain apologized for bringing up the topic.

"I mean, I guess I should apologize that we're doing this topic because it was my doing."
"I was on Twitter last night, and it was a conversation that's been trending, and I actually just thought it would be interesting to talk to you, Whoopi [Goldberg], because you're an Academy Award winner, I believe only the second Black Academy Award winner after Hattie McDaniel who won an Oscar, and it's important to talk about censorship in film and books right now because we need to talk about what's appropriate and what's not."

Of course, Meghan couldn't help but undercut the sincerity of her apology by playing the victim just a bit.

"I know this seems like a trite and stupid conversation to some of you, but I was interested in it. So it's my fault this is a topic today."

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Twitter agreed with Hostin's point that there were, ultimately, much more important things to be talking about.

It's important to remember what really matters.

A movie being temporarily removed from a streaming service is much less notable than real lives being lost to a global pandemic and racial bias in law enforcement.