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The 'Same Energy' Meme Is Sweeping The Internet—And It's On Point 😂

The 'Same Energy' Meme Is Sweeping The Internet—And It's On Point 😂

Every now and then, the internet comes up with a thing that just makes sense. And 2018 has been chock full of them.

First, there was "horse girl energy." What is a horse girl? Well I don't really know, but we all know, you know? When this became a thing a friend asked me, "Wait, what the hell is a horse girl," and I was like, "You know. Horse girls. Way into horses. Horse girls." And she was like, "Oh right. Yeah of course, horse girls. My school's was named Ashley."

It's just... it's a thing.

Then, there was BDE, which go ask your mama because I shan't explain such a thing in such an august, family-oriented publication as this, but BDE is definitely a thing we all just know when we see it.

Again, universal.

Well now, it's "same energy" that's sweeping the internet, and it's every bit as "*nods* mmm hmm" as its predecessors. What do a random schoolgirl and Yoda have to do with each other? Listen, I have no idea, but they share something. They just do.


"Same energy," seems to have begun among K-Pop fandom, and has grown from there. Naturally, Twitter has been blowing up with this new meme, and it's wonderful.


Uh huh, I see it.

Oh for sure.


You know, at first I was like "????" but now I'm like "*nods*"

The more the meme grew, the more ridiculous--and yet totally not--it became:

One enterprising type even combined this meme with another one, and melted brains in the process:

So relatable. Thanks internet, for a sense of order to the chaos that is life!

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