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A Resurfaced Lady Gaga Tweet From 2012 Is Getting The Meme Treatment It So Richly Deserves 😂

A Resurfaced Lady Gaga Tweet From 2012 Is Getting The Meme Treatment It So Richly Deserves 😂

Lady Gaga is nothing if not relatable.

Okay, so maybe only a very select few of us have ever turned up to an event in a dress made of meat, or bubbles, or trapped inside an egg. That stuff is uniquely hers.

But the rest of Gaga's story--the girl who struggled to love herself, who got bullied, who got into music in the first place because her drama teachers told her she wasn't good enough (specifically, "too ethnic," whatever that means)--feels familiar to most of us. It's part of her appeal! Most of us have felt not good enough at one time or another, and many of us have been told in one way or another--whether by teachers, bosses, family, romantic partners--that we don't measure up. To see someone triumph over that sort of adversity to become one of the biggest stars in the world is inspiring! And it makes Gaga the sort of star that we can on some level relate to.

But never mind all that, it's this random tweet from 2012 that really hits home:

Yep. Been there.

Now Lady Gaga is certainly no stranger to being memed--there is already a wealth of "A Star Is Born" memes and the movie hasn't even come out yet. But this one seems a bit out of left field. Nobody seems to have any idea what this tweet was in reference to (excitement over a sick new beat? The first-draft lyrics to the opening of "Bad Romance"? Indigestion? Who's to say!) or why it has suddenly been unearthed and memed. But one thing is for certain: IT HITS HOME.

Burn your mouth on pizza?

Your crush remembers your birthday?

Any mild inconvenience?

Regardless of its origins, the internet, as it is wont to do, has been having a field day with this old chestnut, to hilarious results:

Social media users are nothing if not creative! And for their wit and humor, there's just one thing to say:

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