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Meghan McCain Says She's 'Exhausted' By Democrats 'Crapping All Over Republicans' About Racism

Meghan McCain Says She's 'Exhausted' By Democrats 'Crapping All Over Republicans' About Racism

The View's Meghan McCain has some strong feelings about the country's partisan divide over racial justice. Mostly "exhaustion" at all the people who keep telling her she's wrong.

On a recent edition ofThe View, McCain spoke of the Republican-proposed police reform bill which many feel doesn't go far enough to stop police violence against Black Americans.

She said:

"I know I'm exhausted and the country is exhausted, to try to enact reform right now, and this is the best opportunity, as George Floyd's lawyer said yesterday on the show."
"This is the best time in history to do it, and I think we should all just come together, and please stop making this so partisan, because I, for one, am truly exhausted with it."

Twitter had very little sympathy for McCain, who seemed to be saying that America should accept whatever bill is being put forward, no matter the quality, because she's tired of talking about racism.

McCain also said:

"I think it's a good, noble start, this bill. I'm glad to see this swift sea change on bipartisan support of police reform."
"I'm really disheartened that we can't even come together to try and make changes, and I think some of the criticism you gave, Sunny [Hostin], is valid, but how about we all continue to try to improve instead of just crapping all over Republicans for saying we're doing nothing or it's not good enough?"
"This is a great, noble attempt by a senator on the Republican side, and I would like to see us put our differences aside."

Meghan also acknowledged the bill was lacking, but felt criticisms should end.

"Yes, all this criticism, Whoopi, you and Sunny, 100 percent valid. The chokehold thing is a big deal, I don't understand why that's not in it, either."
"Let's continue the conversation, that's why bills have amendments on the floor, and this is a bipartisan process. Please stop knocking Republicans this morning for some people not trying."
"This is an intense awakening for Republicans the past few weeks, and I don't appreciate that tease coming into the show."

Many people pointed out that McCain's exhaustion was almost nothing compared to the exhaustion of actually being discriminated against.

Many others were also exhausted...of hearing about Meghan McCain.

Many felt that if McCain's first priority was actually fixing these issues, she'd be prepared to hear about them fairly regularly for the rest of her life.

Passing a reform bill shouldn't mean the conversation is over.

You can watch the full clip of The View's conversation here:

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Perhaps one day Meghan will trend on Twitter because everyone loves her...but that day is not today.