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Meghan McCain Announces 'I'm Not Living Without Guns' In Tense Exchange With 'The View' Co-Hosts Over Gun Control

Meghan McCain Announces 'I'm Not Living Without Guns' In Tense Exchange With 'The View' Co-Hosts Over Gun Control
The View/ABC

Meghan McCain has already clashed with her co-hosts on The View just minutes into the show's season premiere.

The hot button issue that set off the conservative daughter of the late Sen. John McCain this time was gun control.

Yet another mass shooting, this time in Odessa, Texas, took the lives of seven people over Labor Day weekend, once again setting off calls for stricter laws surrounding guns.

As the ladies of The View noted during a segment on Tuesday morning's premiere, the Odessa shooter had actually failed a federal background check, yet was legally able to obtain a firearm using the gun show loophole, prompting a discussion about the lack of action being taken by Republicans to do anything to curb gun violence.

Former Fox News host Abby Huntsman lamented:

"If nothing is going to happen after Sandy Hook, I don't know what it's going to take."

McCain soon stepped in to dictate that more members of the media need to have experience with guns since there are so many reporters "talking about guns that clearly have never shot a gun."

As more 2020 presidential hopefuls have tackled the issue of gun reform on the campaign trail, McCain offered:

"I will say this is a ground-level issue for me. If you're going to be a gun-grabber, you don't get my vote, period. We got to have a different conversation."

McCain then offered this warning:

"The AR-15 is by far the most popular gun in America, by far. I was just in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, if you're talking about taking people's guns from them, there's going to be a lot of violence."

Liberal co-host Joy Behar, who regularly clashes with McCain on the show, responded:

"But they lived without them for many years during the ban."

Behar earlier noted that the Clinton administration had actually successfully enacted an assault weapons ban.

McCain, however, wasn't having any of it, declaring:

"I'm not living without guns! It's just that simple."

When asked if she could live without assault weapons, McCain complained that she was being "virtue signaled at" by her co-hosts.

The tense interaction quickly made the rounds on Twitter.

McCain's warning of violence from gun owners was certainly ironic.

Writer Wajahat Ali slammed McCain, noting the uproar that would ensue from conservatives if a Muslim or person of color had threatened violence for taking away weapons.

It certainly makes you wonder what it will take, if anything, for people to give up assault rifles.




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