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Meghan McCain Gets Roasted By Canadians After Criticizing Their Universal Healthcare

Meghan McCain Gets Roasted By Canadians After Criticizing Their Universal Healthcare

Things got heated once again on The View when the panelists revisited the controversial topic of socialist policies.

Co-host Meghan McCain was flummoxed over demands for universal healthcare and slammed Canada in the process of making her argument.

Last week, McCain lashed out at Joy Behar, who quoted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Democratic-Socialist platforms, like fully-funded public schools and infrastructure overhaul.

"This makes my head explode," McCain exclaimed on the show.

On Thursday's show, McCain, an heiress to a multimillion dollar fortune, seethed over advocates for universal healthcare policy, asking how people would even begin to pay for it.

She also commented on her previous backlash.

I know discussing socialism on the show triggers everyone in the world that I'm against it. I get people are for it. I'm 100 percent against it.
Bernie Sanders says Medicare for all would cost $32.6 trillion over the next 10 years. I believe at a certain point, explain how we're going to pay for it. If everyone is for it, you have to pay the 70 percent or 80 percent taxes they're proposing."

Behar asked:

Do you believe healthcare is a privilege of some sort or is it a guarantee?

Instead of giving a direct answer, McCain criticized Canada's healthcare.

I believe there's a reason that people in Canada come to this country to get better healthcare.


"We're having a debate right now," McCain said after the audience applauded over Sunny Hostin declared that healthcare was a human right, attempting to backtrack her position.

I think a problem with this is, don't paint me out to be — it's very complicated on this show. I'm just trying to talk about the realities of what it's going to cost.
It's not that my heart doesn't open. I just admitted on national television that my perspective changed after my father got sick.
Don't say I believe in all these things. It's making me seem non-compassionate. I'm not.

Not only did her assertion about Canadians crossing the U.S. border for "better" healthcare spark additional backlash below the 49th parallel, Canadians were also happy to point out the fallacy of McCain's statement.

Looks like the former Fox News contributor got a crash course in some Canadian facts, eh?

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