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Some Guys Had Their McFlurries Ruined After Going Through McDonald's Drive-Thru In Truck's Makeshift Swimming Pool

Some Guys Had Their McFlurries Ruined After Going Through McDonald's Drive-Thru In Truck's Makeshift Swimming Pool
A group of guys are going viral for having turned the McDonald's drive-thru into their own personal pool party, after they went for McFlurries in a truck bed they turned into a swimming pool.

The stunt was originally captured by TikTok user @dominykas and then hit Reddit's IdiotsInCars subReddit, which seems fitting.

As does the title Reddit user kevinowdziej gave his post: "I mean, sure why not at this point."

The clip appears to have been filmed from a nearby parking space at the McDonald's. In the video, the truck pulls up, the dudes grab their McFlurries and their pool party is on its way.

But then it all takes a turn.

As they drive off, the driver slams on the brakes, turning their truck-bed oasis into more of a wave pool—an enormous wave of water hurls itself over the top of them and, well... that was the end of the McFlurry part of the pool party.

It's unclear if the slamming on the brakes was a prank on the part of the driver, or an actual narrowly avoided accident that was exceptionally ill-timed, ice cream-wise. But judging from the filmer's reaction—"Oh my God," he gasps—it seems like it was probably the latter.

Either way, IdiotsInCars seems a pretty apt description... although this looks like one heck of a good time. It's hard not to think of these guys as low-key brilliant, especially as we stare down a summer with beaches and swimming pools closed due to the pandemic.

Maybe they're onto something?

Folks on the internet weren't sure whether to be jealous, impressed, or mournful for the fallen McFlurries.

"Why can't I stop watching this?" --jingergurl
"RIP McFlurry" --Team_Redundancy_Team

"It's almost like a traveling pool isn't the best idea when going for frozen treats?" --Hueyandthenews
"Why does the guy recording sound like he just watched someone die?" --bctg106

I filled the back of my truck with water like this a couple times but never drove anywhere with anyone in it. It's more fun and cheaper than a kiddie pool. --SemiHemiDemigod
"Lmao I thought this was just an iconic myth" --Madeline6301

"Tbh I always wanted to do this." --chilimac02
"IKR! I just sent this link to my buddy and asked to throw me a bachelor's party with this..." --shortlife55

All that said, if you're thinking of doing this with your own truck, beware that it's illegal in many states. And definitely a waste of a delicious McFlurry.