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Mark Hamill Hilariously Reveals His Favorite Part About Trump's 'Frequent Verbal Catastrophes'

The 'Star Wars' actor roasted Trump on X, formerly Twitter, after yet another verbal flub, this time during a MAGA rally in Pennsylvania.

Mark Hamill; Screenshot of Donald Trump
Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images; RSBN

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill mocked former President Donald Trump after yet another verbal flub, this time during a MAGA rally in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania.

During the event, Trump noticeably stumbled during remarks about illegal immigration, citing a report about an "illegal "adlinthin"—in what looked like an attempt to refer to illegal "aliens"—before slurring the rest of his sentence.

You can watch the moment in the video below.

The video quickly caught Hamill's attention and he took Trump to task:

"My favorite part of any of his frequent verbal catastrophes is always: the recovery. That moment right after the wipeout when he doubles down & assertively continues with all the Pee-Wee Herman 'I meant to do that!' energy he can muster."

You can see his post below.

Trump has often been criticized for his freewheeling speaking style, which contains any number of rambling and disconnected thoughts. In fact, a Calvin University historian who has done a comparative study of Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speaking styles once said that Trump's "speeches are full of non sequiturs."

Trump's speech pattern has also been a regular subject of discussion among those who question whether he was ever cognitively prepared to hold office—and his latest flub is no different.

Many concurred with Hamill's assessment.

This is at least the second time this month that Trump has engaged in a "verbal catastrophe" while discussing immigration.

Trump was widely mocked following a misstep during his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on April 2 that undermined his own anti-immigration message.

The former president, who intends to pursue an even more aggressive anti-immigration agenda if he secures a second term, made a notable gaffe, stating:

"If your constitutional rights have been violated, we will defend you. If you have illegal aliens invading your home, we will deport you."

The stumble raised questions about Trump's ability to lead in the event he wins the November election and ushers in an administration that he has said "will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history."