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Mark Hamill Responds to Mother of 7-Year-Old Girl Teased for Being 'Star Wars' Fan

Mark Hamill Responds to Mother of 7-Year-Old Girl Teased for Being 'Star Wars' Fan
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The Jedi master shared his wisdom about The Force, advocating that its powers don't discriminate regardless of gender.

On and off screen, Mark Hamill truly embodies the spirit of Luke. He often intimidates the dark forces on social media and comes to the aid of those in need of some light and guidance.

So, when a mother expressed her concern over her 7-year-old daughter being teased for liking "boys stuff," Hamill espoused his Jedi knowledge to comfort her.

@NJSimmondsTPK is a young adult author and the mother of a huge Star Wars fan. On Tuesday, she tweeted out a distress call about her inconsolable little girl, writing:

My 7 year old daughter's crying in bed right now because she wants to wear her Star Wars t-shirt to school but is scared her classmates will laugh because she likes 'boy stuff'. I'm so sad/angry for her. Please RT and comment so I can show her how awesome girl #StarWars fans are.

Not sure who from the legion of Star Wars fans would respond, she pleaded, "Can you help @starwars @StarWarsUK @StarWarsFanGirl @StarWarsFanbase."

Support came from all corners of the galaxy over the petty gender divide with empowering comments like, "Tell her we are moving away from gender stereotypes!" and "Because of Princess Leia I work at NASA now. Star Wars is awesome!"

But she did not expect to receive a response from the real Jedi guru. He basically encouraged the young girl to brush off her oppressors with a simple, non-violent gesture.

And people were stoked at Hamill's brilliant response.

Others were quick to point out the strong female characters who helped shape the galaxy.

One user reminded Simmonds that Star Wars was never just a male-dominated universe.

"Star Wars has their very own Princess and it's the best thing ever. Good fights evil. It's not just a guy thing. In fact, it's never been a guy thing."

Remember the one who gave us the Skywalker siblings?

Gone but never forgotten: the ultimate princess to rule them all.

Simmonds explained her family comes from a lineage of strong women. "I want to add that this is a very strong female household," she added in a followup tweet. "My girls are the daughters of only daughters of only daughters. Big girl power family."

Other girls began sharing their love for the franchise to let her know she's not alone.

All the kind words helped her little girl proudly don her Star Wars tee without shame.

Star Wars fans have got to be some of the coolest group of people out there. Anyone stating otherwise is just bantha fodder.

Turns out there was nothing to fear. Simmonds was happy to report that "My little girl went to school proudly wearing her t-shirt and came home beaming because, of course, no one said anything bad. How could they? These girls are powerful!"

Thanks, Mark Hamill!

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