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QAnon Congresswoman Roasted For Sharing Dr. Seuss-Inspired Rhyme To Call For Biden's Impeachment

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Conspiracy theory supporting Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is being made fun of online for posting a Dr. Seuss style rhyme calling for President Joe Biden's impeachment.

Many on Twitter responded to Greene's post with rhymes of their own calling for her removal.

Greene's petty behavior seemed below the standards of a Congressional Representative.

Greene also posted a rhyme the night before, though that one sounded even less like Dr. Seuss.

Republicans like Greene have been denouncing liberals for "canceling" Dr. Seuss after Dr. Seuss Enterprises decided to pull several of the late author's books from publication.

Of course, Democrats like President Joe Biden had nothing to do with the private company's decision.

Greene cited no particular reason President Joe Biden should be impeached besides her dislike of his liberal policies.

Calls for Greene's removal from office have been incessant since late 2020, shortly after she took office and began spouting countless conspiracy theories.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to attract mockery online for reasons both petty and serious.

Hopefully, her constituents take note of her choice to get involved in minor grievances instead of seeking the unity necessary to create positive change.