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QAnon Congresswoman Accused Of Writing A Message Of Support To Herself In The D.C. Snow

Dustin Chambers/Getty Images

Marjorie Taylor Green, the Republican Congresswoman from Georgia who has become famous for her support of countless insane conspiracy theories, is being made fun of on Twitter for posting a message of support she "found" in Washington D.C.

The message, "Stand with MTG," was written in the snow with footprints leading away. Greene claims to have simply happened upon the writing, but many online believe she wrote it there herself.

Greene's message spawned a deluge of memes online.

Many other people used photoshop to put more appropriate messages in the D.C. snow.

The "Jewish space lasers" Greene recently accused of starting California's forest fires also made an appearance in many tweets.

Greene's reputation wasn't in a great place before this incident, but becoming the subject of a meme war certainly isn't going to help.

The Capitol's greatest mystery on this day might just be the question of who exactly wrote this message in the snow.

Whether or not Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote this message of support herself, the admiration of conspiracy theorists nataionwide is hardly something to be proud of in the grand scheme of things.