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QAnon Rep. Blasted For Trying To Speak For 'The American People' With Racist, Anti-LGBTQ Rant

QAnon Rep. Blasted For Trying To Speak For 'The American People' With Racist, Anti-LGBTQ Rant
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Monday, July 5 may have been a day off for many of us, but Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was not one of them.

The Congresswoman and QAnon devotee spent the day penning a bigoted rant on Twitter, in which she claimed to speak for "all voters" when she parroted conspiracy theories, virulent anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and, of course, thinly veiled racism.

Greene called her 15-tweet thread a message from "regular Americans" to the so-called "Swamp" of Washington insidersβ€”of which, of course, she now is one.

Greene spared virtually nobody in her savage takedown of everyone "all Americans" supposedly hate, but reserved some of her most intense vitriol for LGBTQ Americans, telling them:

"Your identity is not your sexual preference or what you like to do in the bedroom."
She then went on to lambaste the "invasion" of "Trans biological men in girls/women's sports," claiming even Democrats don't want "biological men beating their girls," a statement both wildly bigoted and completely untrue.

Despite scores of draconian legislation against trans student athletes in states across the country, there is a miniscule number of trans athletes in American schools and universities and as yet not a single case of a transgender athlete taking a title away from a cisgender one.

It wasn't only LGBTQ people who got the business end of Greene bizarre rage. According to her, "no one likes" Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, including Democrates, and "everyone hates" Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who she called an "anti-semitic, hate-America, ungrateful refugee" who "married her brother."

And as for the pandemic? According to Greene, "no one cares" about it. Same goes for racism, apparently, which Greene claimed was over because a Black president and vice president means "MLK's dream came true!"

Greene closed her thread about how "all Americans" feel by screaming at some of those very Americans to get out of the country.

"If you don't like America or our flag, then get the hell out of our GREAT country & go live in some other shi*hole Socialist or Communist country that shares your hate for America, our flag, & our God given freedoms."

So are all Americans unanimous in their opinions or not, Marjorie? Which is it?

On Twitter, people were not here for Greene's unhinged bigotry-fest, and laid into her.

Greene closed her rant with a sign-off on behalf of American taxpayers.

Which is an interesting choice, since Greene and her husband are currently under investigation in their home state of Georgia for possible tax evasion. Neat!