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QAnon Congresswoman Rubs Crotch Of Trump Cardboard Cutout In Bizarre Resurfaced Video

QAnon Congresswoman Rubs Crotch Of Trump Cardboard Cutout In Bizarre Resurfaced Video

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has made quite a name for herself as a Congresswoman, though her name-making isn't happening in the traditional ways. Instead, Greene's "outlandish" and often aggressive and harassing behavior has been receiving a ton of attention.

Now an old video of her groping a Donald Trump cutout has resurfaced perfectly showcasing how long her behavior has been an issue.

Greene has targeted Muslim representatives for their religion, called for harassment on social media of other members of Congress and tacitly endorsed their execution. Greene and her team allegedly harassed Representative Cori Bush and her staff so much Bush had her offices on Capitol Hill moved away from Greene's citing safety concerns.

Video emerged of Greene following and verbally assaulting Parkland shooting survivor (and pillow entrepreneur) David Hogg, whom she often targets in her rants. Her colleagues moved to have Greene stripped of her committee assignments in light of much of her behavior, but even more has come to light.

This resurfaced video just adds to the already troubling list. In it, Marjorie Taylor Greene appears to rub the crotch of a cardboard cutout of former President Donald Trump.

The "grope video," shot at a campaign event, is brief but bizarre.

It was just one of several questionable moments at the event.

Twitter had some...


But some people maintained nothing unusual happened in the video. They theorized Greene my have just been straightening the cutout or rubbing out a crease.

There are no doubts this won't be the last time we hear about Greene.