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QAnon Congresswoman Appears To Believe Hillary Clinton Sacrificed A Child And Drank Its Blood

QAnon Congresswoman Appears To Believe Hillary Clinton Sacrificed A Child And Drank Its Blood
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty ImagesKurt Krieger/Corbis via Getty Images

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia has only been in the House of Representatives for a very short time, but she has already done some pretty reprehensible things.

Greene voted to object to the election results in a number of states. She reportedly also gave "reconaissance tours" to insurrectionists preceding January 6, and now, it's coming out she endorsed a number of conspiracy theories, including one called "Frazzeldrip," which believes Hillary Clinton killed an infant and drank blood from it.

Greene, in a now-deleted Facebook post, appeared to endorse the conspiracy theory when she replied to a comment about Clinton "filleting a child's face."

Greene then posted a statement to Twitter denying any of this ever happened.

But witnesses continue to bring up evidence against her.

Greene also expressed support for the QAnon Conspiracy Theory.

The theory claimed all enemies of Donald Trump are a secret ring of cannibalistic pedophiles who run a secret child sex-trafficking ring.

She also routinely filmed herself harassing mass shooting survivors and members of Congress.

Of course, the #Frazzeldrip conspiracy is false and has been discredited a number of times. The radicalization towards it is so dangerous the FBI has put an alert on when private citizens search anything from "HRC Video" to "Frazzle" on YouTube.

However, according to The Washington Post, dozens of videos discussing the conspiracy theory remain online for intellectually vulnerable folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene to find.

Conspiracy theories are so tricky because they feel like critical thinking when they are actually not. People easily persuaded by internet content—without critical thinking or applying common sense or logic—fall down the rabbit hole of self-supporting drivel.

Nevertheless, having a proven conspiracy theorist in Congress is alarming, because it opens the doors for more and more conspiracy theorists to be welcomed in.

When it gets as irrational as believing Hillary Clinton drank a child's blood, it's time to have a conversation about reality.

As a result of her conduct both in and out of Congress, California Democratic Representative Jimmy Gomez introduced a measure to have Greene expelled from the House of Representatives.