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Prince Philip's Death Has Unsurprisingly Led To A Bunch Of Truly Bonkers QAnon Theories

Prince Philip's Death Has Unsurprisingly Led To A Bunch Of Truly Bonkers QAnon Theories
Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images

There doesn't seem to be anything that can happen that won't inspire the QAnon movement to cook up a deeply, profoundly ridiculous conspiracy theory.

But then, these are the people who sincerely believe Hillary Clinton eats babies' faces.

So it perhaps shouldn't surprise any of us they think Prince Philip died because he's Satan, or something—along with several other conspiracy theories.

Yes, you read that right.

According to the QAnon-sphere, Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's Consort and father or grandfather of the next King of England, was a Satanist, or possessed by Satan, or Satan himself, or something, because he died at 99 on the 9th day and if you turn those 9's upside down you get 666.


That wasn't the only weird and ridiculous conspiracy theory the QAnon adherents had about Prince Philip though.

QAnon adherents seem to never pass up an opportunity to pontificate about their belief the pandemic is a hoax and vaccines are deadly instruments of governmental tyranny, and the Prince provided the perfect opportunity. He did die, after all, after being vaccinated.

Never mind the man had been in poor health for years, or he was vaccinated three months before his death, or he was 99 years of age. What other explanation for his death can there possibly be?!

But perhaps the most bizarre is the claim "Q," the mysterious and unidentified person at the center of the entire QAnon movement, clairvoyantly predicted Prince Philip's demise exactly a year before it occurred.

This is because, you see, Q used the phrase "scot free" in a message last April 9, one year before Prince Philip's death, and Prince Philip was the Duke of Edinburgh, and Edinburgh is in Scotland, and "scot free" refers to Scots.

The science is airtight!


Actually nevermind, that's not the most bizarre theory about Prince Philip's death.

First place has to go to the claim he died because supplies of adrenochrome, a chemical QAnon devotees believe is created by torturing children to death and then used by global elites to stay young and healthy, were held up by the Suez Canal being blocked by the cargo ship Ever Given for nearly a week earlier this month.

The extraction of adrenochrome, incidentally, is supposedly the reason Hillary Clinton tortures children by eating their faces.

On Twitter, people couldn't help but eyeroll, guffaw or both at all this QAnon absurdity.

Anyway, the royal funeral of Prince Philip, who was not Satan and did not use adrenochrome and did not die from a vaccination, will be held this Saturday, April 17.