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GOP Lawmaker Dragged For Using Waffle House 'Science' To Declare That America Should Reopen

GOP Lawmaker Dragged For Using Waffle House 'Science' To Declare That America Should Reopen
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images; Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has already gained a lot of attention for being an open believer of the QAnon conspiracy theory, is attracting more negative press for purporting a "scientific" theory.

As the USA suffers more closures due to the ongoing pandemic, Greene is a leading voice among conservatives advocating for an open economy, despite the risks it presents.

In a since-deleted tweet, Greene advocated for the opening of America via "science" that was reported by the CEO of Waffle House.


Not one to be outdone, Greene then reposted the tweet with a minor modification.

Immediately, this tweet was criticized and dragged across Twitter for the sheer audacity and ignorance it signifies.

The decision on which parts of the American economy to close have been hotly contested over the course of this year, as virus infections surge across the country with seemingly no end in sight.

Greene has consistently shared outlandish views about the nature of the virus and how America should be re-opened.

On a separate occasion, she tweeted she was forced to work out in her Washington, D.C. hotel room because "tyrannical Democrat control" had gyms closed.

At the time, D.C.'s gyms were open.

Greene's investment in the QAnon conspiracy theory shows the Congresswoman from Georgia's 17th district is not much interested in facts or evidence, and her Twitter account supports that.

It is unclear how this will translate into her work in the house, but the "Waffle House" science seems like an ominous start to a term.