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QAnon Rep. Says AOC Is A 'Scared Little Girl That Is Pretty Stupid' If She Refuses To Debate Her

Drew Angerer/Getty Images; Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, mostly known as a QAnon spewing Representative from Georgia, made headlines again for her continued feud with "Democratic Squad" member Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

Earlier this month, Greene challenged AOC on Twitter to a 'pay-per-view' debate over her Green New Deal plan.

Greene followed up with another Tweet saying the debate is happening, after she finishes reading the 14-page document.

This was followed by a video, where she stoked the fire and called AOC a 'scared little girl,' among other things.

Greene said:

"She asked me if I had read her 14-page Green New Deal. I said I've read some of it."
"She said, 'Well, when you've read all of it, you can challenge me to a debate."
"Well, the good news is I've read all 14 little pages, and I'm very ready to debate her on the house floor."

The debate doesn't have a date yet, but then she said:

"She better show up."
"If she chickens out, she chose exactly who she really is: A scared little girl who is pretty stupid and doesn't know anything."

Greene claimed AOC likes to boast about her degree in economics, but it isn't impressive to her.

"She doesn't have enough common sense to produce anything in the real world."
"She just has a government job."

Twitter had a field day with this.

AOC has not responded to Greene's demands for a debate.