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QAnon Rep. Dragged For Lie About Firearms Background Check Bill That Proves She Didn't Read It

QAnon Rep. Dragged For Lie About Firearms Background Check Bill That Proves She Didn't Read It
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is once again embroiled in controversy after telling a lie about a piece of legislation so blatant it proved she didn't even read it.

In a video on Twitter, Greene claimed that House Resolution 8, which addresses background checks for gun purchases, would create a "national gun registry."

The claim is a bald-faced lie, because the bill quite literally and explicitly states the opposite.

In her message to her followers, Greene was so dedicated to her craven lie she even called H.R. 8 "National Gun Registry."

The bill creates no such registry. Rather, it applies background checks to all gun purchases, including private sales and transfers. Polling has showed even most Republican voters support universal background checks for gun purchases.

Regardless, Greene, obviously reading from a prepared statement, openly lied to her followers about the bill.

"We all know that gun registration leads to gun confiscation. We need to stop that [bill] ASAP."

The bill explicitly forbids, word-for-word, a gun registry.

It reads:

"Nothing in this Act, or any amendment made by this Act, shall be construed to authorize the establishment, directly or indirectly, of a national firearms registry."

Greene also stoked baseless fears about another House bill which goes to a vote this week, H.R. 1446.

That bill grants the FBI additional time—up to one week, rather than the current standard three-days—to complete firearm background checks when needed. The bill aims to close the so-called "Charleston loophole," which allowed a White nationalist to acquire the guns with which he murdered 15 Black congregants of Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in 2015.

According to Greene, the bill would make it impossible to purchase guns at all.

"[H.R. 1446] allows DC bureaucrats to stop you from being able to buy your firearm indefinitely."

The bill, of course, does no such thing.

It was clear Greene had not even read either bill, and on Twitter, her craven lying angered many.

Greene, an adherent of the QAnon conspiracy theory, is suspected by many to have been involved in the planning of the violent right-wing coup attempt at the Capitol on January 6 and has expressed support online for executing Democratic politicians. She was stripped of her committee assignments in the House in a bipartisan vote on February 4.