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Ted Cruz Slammed For Crying Foul Over Biden's Non-Existent 'Ban' On Dr. Seuss Books

Ted Cruz Slammed For Crying Foul Over Biden's Non-Existent 'Ban' On Dr. Seuss Books
Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images

Following his disastrously unpopular trip to Cancun in the midst of his state's winter storm crisis, Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has been especially obvious in his attempts to unite his Republican base against the left.

After Dr. Seuss enterprises chose to stop publishing four of the author's works due to racially insensitive content, many Republicans, such as Ainsley Earhardt and Donald Trump Jr., have been claiming that liberals are cancelling Dr. Seuss.

Liberal politicians had nothing to do with the private company's choice to take six of Seuss's works out of print, but Ted Cruz took things a step further online, claiming Joe Biden himself was responsible for the "ban" on Dr. Seuss.

Ted Cruz, apparently not content with his lie about Joe Biden "banning" Dr. Seuss, then tried to use his manufactured controversy to increase his own book sales.

Twitter wasn't fooled by Cruz's grievance-baiting.

Dr. Seuss has not been "cancelled" and Joe Biden had nothing to do with the situation.

Many other people pointed out how strange it was Cruz was holding up a best-seller list to showcase books that were supposedly banned.

Cruz has had a few run-ins with book-related controversies in the past.

The last couple of months have been incredibly harmful to Cruz's reputation.

Cruz and many other Republicans want their base to think liberals are coming for their Dr. Seuss.

As Democrats pass important legislation through the House of Representatives, Republicans whine about Dr. Seuss supposedly being under attack.

President Joe Biden wisely hasn't responded to Cruz's accusations of "canceling" Dr. Seuss...likely because he had nothing to do with it.