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Ted Cruz Dragged For Charging $60 For Signed Copies Of Dr. Seuss Book He Didn't Even Write

Ted Cruz Dragged For Charging $60 For Signed Copies Of Dr. Seuss Book He Didn't Even Write
Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images

Not content to simply take the modicum of forgiveness he'd accrued by volunteering after his Cancun debacle, Republican Senator Ted Cruz is once again up to his old trick of being the most craven and charmless man in Washington.

His newest stunt?

Selling signed copies of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham for $60 a pop to "fight cancel culture." That is, he's selling copies of a book he did not write, which he has signed, to supposedly fight an abstract idea.

It's nothing but a ridiculous grift and the internet is dragging him for filth.

Cruz announced this opportunity for your very own "cancel culture collectible" in a fundraising email sent out this week.

Conservatives have been melting down all week following an announcement by Dr. Seuss Enterprises that it will pull six relatively obscure Dr. Seuss titles—Green Eggs and Ham not among them—because they contain racist imagery.

Conservatives have decried the "radical left's" obsession with "cancel culture" as the reason for the books' removal, despite the fact the decision was made by a private business enterprise with no political affiliation.

Cruz's promotion of his Green Eggs and Ham grift has been ridiculous to the point of self-parody. In his fundraising email, Cruz hysterically called the removal of the Seuss titles a "red flag about the dangerous path" America is supposedly on.

A Facebook ad Cruz placed is so dramatic you'd think it were in response to something truly egregious—like say, a violent coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol like the one Cruz himself helped foment in January.

The ad read:

"Right now, the far left is trying to 'CANCEL' Dr. Seuss. As someone who has always been a big fan of Green Eggs and Ham, I won't let that stand."

For an extra kick, it closes with a bizarrely typo-ridden rendering of the title of Cruz's apparent favorite book.

"So please rush an urgent Contribution of $60 and I'll sign a copy of Green, Eggs, and Ham [sic] just for you!"

On Twitter, people could not believe their eyes, and a roasting quickly ensued.

What Cruz is actually raising money for remains a mystery. While the proceeds go to his Senate reelection campaign, Cruz (unfortunately) is not up for reelection until 2024.