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GOP Rep. Roasted For Thinking He's Owning The Libs By Reading 'Green Eggs And Ham' On Twitter

GOP Rep. Roasted For Thinking He's Owning The Libs By Reading 'Green Eggs And Ham' On Twitter

On Friday, March 5, as Senate Democrats held a marathon series of votes to pass their $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California was recording a video in which he reads a Dr. Seuss book to Twitter so he can own the libs.

McCarthy's video is part of an ongoing false narrative in conservative media claiming liberal politicians are trying to "cancel" Dr. Seuss.

The truth is Dr. Seuss Enterprises—the estate of Theodor Seuss Geisel—announced six of the author's titles would be taken out of print due to racist imagery.

Of course, liberal politicians had nothing to do with the private company's decision to take some of its own titles out of publication.

But McCarthy and many other Republicans continue to try to "own the libs" by lying about how the books were removed from publication and expressing support for the still-popular author.

Most liberals on Twitter, however, were simply scratching their heads, trying to figure out what was going on in McCarthy's mind.

It's obvious Republicans like McCarthy don't actually believe liberals have "cancelled" Dr. Seuss.

But they're hoping to convince their base these are the silly issues Democrats care about.

Many online pointed out McCarthy wasn't even reading one of the six books Dr. Seuss Enterprises took out of print.

It seems Kevin McCarthy thinks reading Dr. Seuss will be more helpful to his career than working with Democrats to pass legislation.

Twitter can't wait for your next reading instalment, Kevin McCarthy. Hopefully, next time, you'll have moved up to something with a slightly higher reading level.