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Man Literally Thrown Out Of Casino After Blocking Black Woman's Exit And Calling Her Racial Slurs

Man Literally Thrown Out Of Casino After Blocking Black Woman's Exit And Calling Her Racial Slurs
equlalaine/PublicFreakout subReddit

There has been no shortage recently of people behaving badly around people of color, but fortunately, more of these folks are getting caught on video.

A more recent example comes from a man in Reno, Nevada, at the Dotty's casino chain, where alcohol and cigarettes are also sold.

In a video captured by a Black woman, the man was blocking her from exiting the Dotty's location, while verbally attacking her with the use of racial slurs.

Having heard enough, a masked employee shoved the man to the front door of the casino. When the man still refused to leave, the employee shoved him out the front door, causing the presumably inebriated man to lose his balance, roll to the curb, and lose a shoe.

The man's behavior became even more unsettling, even after losing a shoe, however. Upon putting the shoe back on and regaining his footing, he proceeded to stand right outside the locked entrance, looking at the woman and continuing to threaten her through the glass.

You can watch the video here:

A friend of the Black woman posted the video to Reddit after the woman had posted it to a private Facebook group.

The friend, Redditor "equlalaine" wrote in the "PublicFreakout" subReddit:

"Friend stopped at a local casino to purchase cigarettes and this fine specimen blocked her exit. When she asked to be let by, he went nuts. She started filming when an employee came to help."

According to the friend, the Black woman had been escorted to her car by the same employee who threw the man out, to make sure she was safe. The woman also shared that the man continued to linger in the parking lot, watching her leave.

The friend shared that the Black woman had written:

"This was her response in our 'Tribe' group chat after posting on FB, where we collectively lost our minds:"
"'Thank you. I'm ok. I'm definitely going through a range of emotions but I find it unsettling that one of my thoughts was, 'I finally got it on video for people to see.'"
"'It's bs that it happens so often that I knew I would have the opportunity to film it.'"
"'It's bs that I feel like I'm not heard or believed by others (outside of Tribe) unless have video footage.'" - equlalaine

Fellow Redditors responded to the video, expressing a range of emotions for the woman's experience.

Some shouted out to the employee for their help.

"Good for the employee. Too often people (employees and customers) get abused by a**holes and no one ever does anything about it."
"The shoe was funny. It was like a cartoon where someone gets knocked out of their shoes. Then he slowly crawls to put it back on." - ShockandAwe415
"So glad that guy stepped in to show that racist white people aren't on your side. What a horrible person." - FatLever12
"Let's all take a cue from the shop owner and show our nation's racist 'drunk-uncles' the door. If only for the look on their faces when they realize we can't hear their backwards ravings from behind the glass." - rumpusbutnotwild

Others laughed at the man's expense, particularly his loss of a shoe.

"Even his shoe wanted no part of him" - esemigallo
"F**king lost it when he caught the door to the face as the business owner threw it open to go rip into him some more."
"Miserable drunk racist trash." - kejigoto

A few could not believe examples of racism like this are still so prominent.

"I think the thing that bothers me the most is his absolute shock and inability to comprehend the fact that the employee told him to leave. He has acted this way all his life and has never been told off by a white person." - the-willow-witch
"I've come to realize that I simply do not understand racism or racists. It doesn't compute to me at all. My biggest goal most days is to get a couple of hours to myself and just to be left the f**k alone."
"I can't imagine how black people feel getting harassed just for existing. Or what would possess this man to think they have any sort of right to do this to anybody. I wish he got b*tch slapped and not just thrown out." - ShambolicPaul

It will be momentarily cathartic for some to see a man responded to in this way for his behavior. But it's important to remember, too, that situations like this are happening everywhere, many of them missed by a camera.