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TikToker Stranded On Empty Plane After United Airlines Loses Her Wheelchair

TikTok user @kindofaquad found herself stranded in her seat on an empty United Airlines flight after the airline lost her wheelchair.

TikToker Stranded On Empty Plane After United Airlines Loses Her Wheelchair

There are some common travel nightmares: bedbugs in the hotel, plane mechanical issues, a crying baby.

But then there is a travel nightmare unfortunately shared by many wheelchair users. The airline company loses and/or destroys your wheelchair and you can’t leave the plane.

This is what happened to TikTok user @kindofaquad, who introduced herself as Karah. She posted a video of her being stuck on a plane after United Airlines lost her wheelchair.

“Welcome to another episode of United loses my chair.”

Thanks to her forethought of attaching an Apple Airtag to her wheelchair, it was eventually located.

But only because of the Airtag.

You can see Karah's video here:


@united yall got me allll sorts of fucked up today. what the absolute fuck is wrong with y’all?

Karah shared a follow-up to answer questions.


Replying to @brian_pittborn the air tags saved me a few hours, thankfully it still doesn’t help when the agents don’t look at the tags on the chairs 😅 #airtag #airlinesarentaccessible #justplanewrong

The comments started out with a common-sense suggestion for airlines.


But really, others said tthis situation is ridiculous and terrible.


Others were empathizing with the TikToker's experience.



Many folks tagged the social accounts for United Airlines.



Seriously though, wheelchairs are expensive pieces of medical equipment.


Others had suggestions, although mostly not-flying.


And if you don't want to drive and are going between large cities, well, there's sometimes the train.


At the very least, this incident really proved attaching an AirTag to your wheelchair is a good thing to do, just for the—unfortunately likely—probability this will happen.