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This LEGO Mastermind Created A Crafty Solution For Phone Cord Nightmares

Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Every smart phone owner in the world agrees on two things: software updates are the worst, and there's nothing more frustrating than when your charging cable falls off the table when your phone isn't plugged into it. Twitter has finally figured out a solution to the latter dilemma, however!

It turns out LEGO people's hands are the perfect width to hold onto those pesky charging cables.

These tiny, yellow assistants will do wonders for all smart phone owners!

The LEGO character you choose says a lot about your personality.

And if you haven't already been decorating your office desk with LEGO, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up.

Your new cable-holders can also show your fandom!

What are you still doing reading this article? Go find some LEGO figurines and prepare for a beautiful future!

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