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Georgia Gov. Admits Voter Suppression Bill 'Has Nothing To Do With Potential Fraud' In Enraging Interview

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

Georgia's Republican state leadership recently passed a new law aimed at making voting a more restrictive, difficult process, especially for people of color.

The bill, passed in the wake of the two Democratic Senate victories in the state and the state going blue in the 2020 presidential election has been universally decried as voter suppression and was described by President Joe Biden as "Jim Crow in the 21st century."

When Republicans pass laws making access to voting more difficult for people of color, they almost always claim they're attempting to make the voting process more secure.

During a recent radio interview, however, Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp made the startling admission the law "has nothing to do with potential fraud."

Though most people already knew this was the case, hearing Kemp admit his party's motivations came as a shock to many online.

Twitter once again called for Kemp's removal from office.

Faced with a left-leaning electorate in Georgia, Republicans have decided to make voting harder rather than shift their platform.

It seems Kemp has completely given up on attempting to appeal to Georgia's voters of color.

To be fair, Kemp was correct.

Voter fraud is a non-issue in the United States and isn't adequate justification for the GOP's many attempts at voter restriction.

Voting is the constitutional right of every United States citizen and our politicians should be working to make it easier for people of all backgrounds.