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TikToker Floored After Twitter Threat To Nickelodeon Over JoJo Siwa Snub Sparks Call From The Cops

TikToker Floored After Twitter Threat To Nickelodeon Over JoJo Siwa Snub Sparks Call From The Cops
@hotgirlbookshelff/TikTok; Steven Simione/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Mega-popular singer and Nickelodeon star JoJo Siwa was disinvited from the Kids Choice Awards this year, and fans are not happy about it.

And it seems the fans' voices have been heard by the network, for better or worse--after one fan named Logan joked on Twitter about burning down Nickelodeon's headquarters in retaliation, called the cops on her.

As Logan told her TikTok followers, she was lounging at home when she suddenly got a text message from the New York City Police Department, inquiring about her tweet. See her TikTok below.


story time of n*ckelodeon calling the cops on me just now jdhdjdjdj i love you @JoJo Siwa

Nickelodeon's snub of Siwa has been incredibly controversial because it comes just more than a year after Siwa came out as gay. Many conservative parents have criticized both Siwa and the network for her supposedly no longer family-friendly persona.

The network is apparently taking that attitude very, very seriously. Logan has since deleted her her joking tweet, which read:

“I’m about to burn down the nickelodeon headquarters for not inviting jojo siwa to the kids choice awards"

But Nickelodeon apparently decided the threat was real, because as Logan told her TikTok followers:

“Nickelodeon called the cops on me about 20 minutes ago. I wish I was kidding."

Logan then showed screenshots of a conversation between her and person identifying themselves as a NYPD officer following up on her tweet, despite the fact that Logan lives in Seattle.

Logan said the officer told her he had to follow up in order to close out the case. She then explained to him that she had no intentions of actually burning Nickelodeon down from all the way on the other side of the country. As she put it in her video:

"I was just mad, because they didn’t invite her to the Kids’ Choice Awards a year after she came out as gay. That’s homophobic."

Logan said the officer then started laughing before apologizing and ending the call.

Logan's TikTok followers were not quite so amused, however, with many expressing shock and anger that Nickelodeon would take things this far.







Some found the situation particularly galling given Nickelodeon's failure to address abuse and misconduct allegations against one of its most prolific producers, Dan Schneider.



Nickelodeon might want to get its PR department on the line, because calling the cops on Siwa's fans is probably not the best way to avoid further controversy.