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JoJo Siwa Has Mic Drop Response After Fan Told Her To Stop Talking About Being Gay At Concerts

JoJo Siwa Has Mic Drop Response After Fan Told Her To Stop Talking About Being Gay At Concerts
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Singer, dancer, Nickelodeon star and YouTube sensation JoJo Siwa may be known for her high-energy, multi-colored, uber-positive content aimed at kids and tweens, but don't think that means she won't put you in your place.

Siwa, who came out as gay last January, is being applauded by fans after she clapped back at someone who asked her to stop talking about being gay at her concerts.

But Siwa didn't just clap back--as TikToker @brianaspradley7 shared below, Siwa did so directly from the stage at one of her concerts, and it was the perfect mic drop.


@itsjojosiwa doing her thing on stage and staying true to herself #fyp #foryoupage #jojosiwa #jojosiwa #concert

Siwa's viral moment came during a show in Columbia, South Carolina, and was inspired by someone presumably in the audience that night, as Siwa mentioned in her speech. Siwa explained that a fan had tweeted asking her not to talk about being gay at her show that night, to which Siwa replied:

“So I’m going to take their advice and I’m not gonna say it, instead I’m gonna do something else.”

Siwa then silently unfurled a rainbow flag emblazoned with her likeness as the assembled crowd erupted into gleeful shrieks.

But Siwa wasn't about to just leave it at that. As a follow-up TikTok showed, she went on to defiantly do precisely what she was asked not to do.


Reply to @brianaspradley7 like for part 3 🥰 @itsjojosiwa #foryoupage #fyp #jojosiwa #pride #lgbt🌈

Siwa told the audience:

“I’ve shared over half of my life with the world."
“And being gay is a part of who I am. And one thing that I want to teach everybody is that being who you are is the most important thing ever.”

Siwa then took the opportunity to turn the moment into one of inspiration and inclusivity.


Reply to @_the420witch final part of jojo speech in Columbia sc dream tour 💕@itsjojosiwa #movment #jojosiwa #jojopride

Siwa said:

“Here’s what I want you to take home. I want you to wake up tomorrow, and I want you to be a little bit more proud of yourself, and want you to love yourself just a little bit more. And I also want all of you to celebrate others just a little bit more.”

On TikTok, people were definitely moved by Siwa's moment--including people who are far older than her fanbase.











In a follow-up video, the TikToker who first posted Siwa's speech reported that several parents gathered their kids and left after Siwa's speech. But judging from the gleeful noise in that crowd, it seems doubtful they made much of a difference.