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Skittles Speaks Out After A Fan Threw Their Candy Right Into Harry Styles' Eye At Concert

The candy brand took out a full page ad in the 'Los Angeles Times' reminding people not to throw their candy at performers.

Harry Styles being hit with Skittles

The makers of Skittles candy is publicly imploring people to behave themselves following an incident in which someone threw the candy into Harry Styles' eye at a recent concert.

Skittles even went so far as to take out a full-page newspaper ad in the Los Angeles Times to implore people to use its candy... well, as it was intended to be used and not as a projectile.

Skittles' ad came after it had previously taken to Twitter to issue a comedic "PSA" about not hurling sweets at people.

Along with a graphic that read "Protect the rainbow," a spin on the candy's long-running "Taste the rainbow" slogan, the tweet read:

"PSA: Protect your eyes from Skittles (by eating them, not throwing them)"

The graphic also included a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, a reference to those that Styles wore in the video for his hit song "Watermelon Sugar," along with a green Skittle flying toward one of the lenses.

The Times ad featured similar imagery, along with copy that read:

“Protect the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. But please, don’t throw the rainbow."

Videos of the incident in which Styles was hit in the eye have gone viral since the November 14 concert at which it happened.

The vidoes showed that as Styles was performing his song "Kiwi" at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles that night, a rain of what fans reported appeared to be the multi-colored candy flew into Styles' face, with one of them pegging him in the eye.

Styles was seen recoiling in obvious pain as the candy hit him, and was squinting and holding his eye throughout the performance of the song.

Skittles also responded with a post on Instagram that stated the obvious about the incident.

It read:

"Didn't think I needed to say this: Please don't throw skittles."

On Twitter, the incident had many fans furious.

Styles has been hit with objects repeatedly during his Love On Tour dates, including a handful of chicken nuggets at Madison Square Garden and an unidentified object that nailed him in the crotch in Chicago.