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Jenna Ortega Roasted Over Her Totally Unhinged Way Of Eating A Kiwi

The actor went viral after sharing a video on Instagram of herself eating a kiwi with the skin on like an apple.

Jenna Ortega
Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

There are many MANY reasons for the oh-so-talented Jenna Ortega to go viral.

But we never imagined the way she eats a kiwi would be one of them.

Yes, the actor is now trending on social media after sharing a video in her Instagram stories of herself enjoying a kiwi.

But, you see, it's not the fact that she's eating the delicious fruit. No, it's the way she eats it: with the skin still on.

The internet just cannot get over Ortega taking bites of the kiwi like it's an apple, and they let it be known.

A few viewers of the video, however, claimed you should eat the skin. You know, for its health benefits...

We'll just take their word for it.