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Female Trump Supporters Advise Liberal Women To 'Get Grabbed By The P—y' In Mind-Numbing Video

Female Trump Supporters Advise Liberal Women To 'Get Grabbed By The P—y' In Mind-Numbing Video

A new viral TikTok is breaking brains all over the internet.

Filmed at a Trump rally, it features three women urging liberal women to "get grabbed by the p*ssy" and calling liberals "hypocrites" and "garbage."

The video, which is believed to have been filmed in Washington, DC in November, resurfaced this week after being posted on several subReddits.

The third part which features the p*ssy grab comment can be seen here:

@pennyidontseenobo part 3 of the old hags and I wouldn't want her to be my nurse
♬ original sound - Penny Idontseenobody Smothers

In the videos, an unidentified reporter interviewed the three women at what is believed to be a Trump rally just after the election last month.

It opens with one of the women issuing sharp criticism of an unnamed person or group—presumably liberals or Democrats.

"They make no sense, they're hypocritical, they're garbage."

The reporter then asked the three women to offer one piece of advice to young women.

One of the women says:

"Get grabbed by the p*ssy—for real. And this is why."

One of the other women then interjected:

"Stick up for yourself!"

The women also claimed that liberal women are "Me Too-ing themselves into an abyss of victimization" and that liberal women want to be victims.

They then praised what President Trump has supposedly done for women by including them in his Cabinet and having Kellyanne Conway, whose name they could not recall, "break the ceiling" by running his campaign.

The video is one part of a series of three videos in which the women, one of whom claims to be a nurse who drove all the way from Chicago for the rally, gave quotes on all kinds of issues.

Part one can be seen here:

In the second of the three videos, the trio was asked about Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who inspired fiery animus in the women.

Regarding AOC, one woman said:

"She sucks. I would headbutt the teeth out of that bitch's face, all day every day."

They also called her an "idiot," a "puppet" and a "communist.

They moved on to criticizing the Green New Deal legislation and denying the reality of climate change.

"They said that the f'kin' polar ice caps were gonna melt New York into the ocean 12 years ago and here we are. They make no sense."

On TikTok, people were not impressed with the women's two cents about anything.






And on Reddit, people were astonished by how little sense the women made.

"They got their wires crossed.. Get grabbed in the p*ssy, but stand up for yourself, also, you'll never be equal. WTF"

"Was her brain just throwing darts at a dictionary to say words?" --yaketysaxy

"People like this don't even know what they're saying. They just speak in platitudes without even knowing what they mean." --TheSukis

"Drinking that kool aid rots the brain" --olinhighpie

"women: I don't want to be sexually assaulted."

"these women: You can't be a victim if you let them do it! stand up for yourself, take the power back by letting them have their way with you!" --NuQ

"This is basically what happens when people can't admit they are wrong and will say anything to look right." --the-real-rick-c137

The video featuring the "get grabbed by the p*ssy" advice has resurfaced on multiple subReddits, including PublicFreakout.