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Fox News Host Slams Texas Dems Who 'Cut And Run' To Ted Cruz—Without A Hint Of Irony

Fox News Host Slams Texas Dems Who 'Cut And Run' To Ted Cruz—Without A Hint Of Irony
Fox News

Conservatives may have lots of skills, but self-awareness doesn't seem to be one of them.

Case in point: During her show Tuesday evening, FoxNews host Harris Faulkner criticized Texas Democrats who supposedly "cut and run" instead of doing their jobs--and then asked Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his input on the subject.

Yes, the very Ted Cruz who ran away to Cancun in February as his state descended into both a natural and humanitarian disaster amid an unprecedented winter storm.

No, none of this is a joke, and unless Faulkner is a RuPaul-level ascendant master of shade, it was all done without a hint of irony. See for yourself below.

Faulkner and Cruz were talking about the present state of affairs in Texas where Democratic legislators recently left the state en masse to prevent a quorum in an effort to block a draconian attack on voting rights by their Republican colleagues.

Faulkner characterized Democrats' actions as shirking their duty instead of what it really was--fighting Republicans' shockingly anti-democratic antics with the only weapon left in their arsenal.

She told Cruz, of all people:

"You have seen, what I know with my relatives in Texas we don't do, we don't cut and run. That's what I've heard some Republicans accuse them of."

In response, Cruz had the unmitigated temerity to reply:

"Listen, karma is a remarkable thing."

Yes it is, sir, and if it actually exists you will lose your job in 2024 for fleeing to Cancun as millions of Texans lost electricity and natural gas service in the midst of sub-zero temperatures brought on by a freak winter storm.

As a result, while Cruz was running off to Cancun at least 210 of his constituents died--though subsequent independent analysis has shown that count could be as high as 978 deaths. The uproar that ensued was so intense that Cruz immediately re-boarded a plane back to Texas upon landing in Cancun while constituents protested outside his house in Houston.

Not exactly the type of guy you should hire to commentate on "cut and run" politics. And on Twitter, people couldn't believe what they were seeing from Faulkner and Cruz.

Earlier in the segment, Cruz appeared to laugh about the fact that several of the Texas Democrats who left the state contracted the virus during their travels. Real prince of a guy, that Senator Cruz.