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People Divulge The Creepiest Thing They Have Ever Witnessed

I will never be able to close my eyes again!

People Divulge The Creepiest Thing They Have Ever Witnessed

Life can be frightening. There are crazy people everywhere. There are moments in life that will haunt us forever. You'll never forget. Some moments are there, seared when our eyes are opened and closed. That's why it's always best to have therapist, a pharmacist and your liquor store on speed dial.

Redditor u/njhtmn wanted everyone to grab a drink, take a deep breath and let us know about the things they'll never not see when they close their eyes by asking.... What's the creepiest thing you've ever witnessed?

Hillside House.


I grew up in a hillside house which backed up to about 50 acres of woods. My room was on the second floor so it was basically level with a plateau and a road that lead further up the hill and into the woods. One night I heard something and decided to look out the window. I saw a guy standing along the road just staring at the house.

I flipped out and my Mom came into the room. When she saw the guy, she proceeded to go outside and tell him to run off which he promptly did. She told me she wasn't scared of stumble bums and would have stabbed him. I was 10.


"He is right behind you."

Caregiving. Noc shift.

Got a complaint around 3am about screaming and banging.

Cool. Someone with Alzheimer's is sundowning. Let me re-direct them.

I get on the elevator to the fourth floor. As I approach the floor I hear this wailing and shrieking. Like a banshee or a witch. And she is just slamming her walker on everything.

I get out. Immediately confronted her. Gently suggested let's go back to your room. Have some water. Maybe use the toilet. She is still howling up a storm. Like just uncontrollable shrill screaming. Halfway down the hall she immediately goes silent. She slowly picks up her hand and points a bony trembling finger in my direction.

"He is right behind you."

Immediately go into fuck this mode. I get the creepy crawlies all up and down my spine. I pick up the pace. Take her back to her room. Get her into bed. Immediately nope out.

I'm done.


The Poker.


(Sorry for the mobile format) A few years ago I was woken up by someone lightly poking me in the forehead at 5am. I woke up thinking it was my roommate, but when my eyes started to adapt to the darkness I saw a 2 meters man standing next to my bed. He immediately threw himself to the floor and covered his face. I didn't know what to do, and I couldn't even scream as I was completely shocked.

While I was thinking of what to use as a weapon he got up and starting running out of the apartment, and for some reason I jumped out right behind him (don't know why I did tbh) and only then I started screaming for help. He eventually made it out of the apartment and started going down the stairs, I gained some sense and realized I probably shouldn't be following this huge, tall, unknown man and ran back to my apartment.

One of my roommates was ready to go follow him, bat in hand and all but we decided it'd be better to just call the police. We never found out who he was or why he was there, and nothing was stolen or taken.

Took me a long time to make it through the night calmly again and even more to feel comfortable at that apartment, specially by myself.


Pieces of Flesh....

Worked in wound care. Lady came in with severe decubitus from neglect in a nursing home. Both her legs were rotted on both sides from lack of blood flow from not being turned. Put her in the whirlpool and over the next 20 minutes her legs disintegrate. All the rotted flesh comes off in chunks. When we pull her out, she basically has two skeleton legs with meat hanging off them... and maggots. The bastards opened the window in her room to deal with the smell of her rotting flesh... in August. Instead of rotating her like they should have.


Self Care.

I watched a homeless guy give himself stitches on the side of the road.


Isn't the American healthcare system great?


Trick no Treat.


Went out trick-or-treating as a preteen with a few friends. We were walking down a road toward the next house when a pickup truck pulls up to us and this massive guy leans out the window and tells us he has candy for us, if we just walk up to his truck and get it. One of my friends started to do it, and we grabbed her and told her no. The guy took off as soon as he saw we weren't getting any closer.


Know the Plate. 

Walking out of a breakfast restaurant and saw a van parked next to me.

I got in my car and was futzing with whatnot and 2 middle aged white guys come out and get in the van and I think I got a glimpse of a barefoot black kid and a mattress on the floor of the van.

They leave and I took down their plates and my gf was like was that what I thought it was?

Anyways we called the cops and gave them a plate and the description of everyone.


Quiet Please. 

A homeless guy was under my porch and my mom discovered him humming at 2 am creepyyyy.


Bite Back.


A guy was talking to me at the peaches and nectarines stand at the grocery store when he takes a bite and puts it back.


The Cat Shadow. 

I don't find it that creepy but my friend at the time had a melt down over it.

It was halloween night, I was in 4th grade I think, there was a cat that came up to me in the neighborhood we always trick or treated in. I have a huge soft spot for cats, so I pet it for a minute or two then continue on my way. The cat starts following me.

Then more cats start appearing and following me. This heard of cats followed us for multiple blocks, standing a few feet back, making no noise.

They don't stop following me so my friend started freaking out, called me a witch on the verge of tears, then made me call my mom to pick us up. The cats left when my mom drove up.


About Last Night....

This actually happened last night.

Me and my friend were walking home from a party, and we passed a generally abandoned campground. We heard a dog barking, which was unusual since it was one in the morning. The bark sounded weird though. It kept persisting, until we both realized what it actually was. It was a guy imitating a dog's bark. We heard insanely aggressive crunches coming from the woods, so we booked it back to my friends house.


They said he'd been dead since Friday.....


I work as a dog walker. We had a client who was an extremely rich & well known coin collector that lived alone with his dog & had a bit of an alcohol problem. Really nice guy just smelled like booze and was very disheveled every morning when we'd pick his dog up to walk her.

One Monday morning I walk into his huge house and it looks like he's asleep on the couch as he normally is, so I called his name to wake him up. I realized he's half on his couch and in a really weird position. He wasn't waking up so eventually I walk over to him and his eyes are wide open blood coming out of his nose and mouth and his hands are turning black and blue. Threw up on his patio and called 911.

They said he'd been dead since Friday, he lived there alone and didn't have friends or family nearby so I was the one that found him. Really really sad as he was very nice and not very old. But yeah still have nightmares of that wide open mouth and eyes with blood covering his face.


He's STILL there....

This happened a few months ago. I was driving down my street coming home after a night out, as soon as I approached my house I noticed a guy in a suit just standing across the street in the field looking at my house. I didn't want to pull into my house at that point so I just drove around my neighborhood. 10 minutes or so go by and I drive by again, he's still there and he hasn't moved.

At that point I just drove around again, 5 more minutes and he's still just standing there, staring at my house. At that point I just pulled into my driveway to see what he does.... Absolutely nothing. He didn't even flinch, couple hours later he vanished. No idea who TF he was but it still creeps me out.


Body Thrashing. 

I'm a paramedic and had just put a car accident victim in a body bag with a decapitation from driving under a trucks rear trailer. Coroner gave us the Ok to load him up. He was wearing a heavy jacket and sweater so we just stuck him in the bag and began to load him.

After we got underway to the morgue, I heard a noise and the guy was thrashing around in the body bad violently :O I was out of my mind. This guy had 90% of his head missing!! We pulled over and my partner who didn't see it, goes back and opens the bag while I was about to piss myself. All of a sudden a very small chihuahua jumped out and ran up to my partner.

He must have been in the guys jacket pocket or?? and been knocked out or just quiet until we got underway. Took me the rest of the shift to relax after that. 32 years in EMS and I've never had anything like that happen to me.




My wife and I saw a guy jump off of a parking garage. We didn't know he was up there until he hit the ground about 30 feet in front of us. It was horrible.


Deep Conversations....

Step-grandmother had Alzheimer's. The night before she died from the disease, she was alone in her room. I could hear her talking to other people in the room. She addressed them as dead relatives that she'd forgotten completely in the years prior (she didn't even remember me or my step-mother at this point). Updating them on the current events in the family. I didn't investigate. She was dead when I went in the next morning. Makes my skin crawl right off my body and down the street to think of it.


The Toddler. 

This was probably 13-14 years ago. I was working as a delivery driver for an auto parts store and I'm taking a shortcut through a neighborhood. It's during the winter which, in my state, gets mid level snow but it's extremely cold. Suddenly a toddler in just a diaper bursts out of the front door of the house next to me covering his ears and screaming at the top of his lungs.

He runs about 20 feet and disappears into someone else's back yard. I immediately call the cops and start making laps around the block trying to find him because, again, it's winter and the kids in a damn diaper. Cops show up and take over but I'll never forget the look on his face or the sound of him yelling.


"he has no head."


Ex cop from NSW Australia here. Shift started at 7am. Instantly a double beeper (Urgent job) about someone being hit by a train. Got there and the station master told me that he was about a hundred meters down the track. I said "any chance of resus?"

He looked at me like I was an idiot and replied, "he has no head." I walked up the track and saw this young kid (he was 17) with no head. I looked up further and saw his head on the side of the track. There was little blood. His neck was pretty much seared from when he laid his neck across the track to end his life. When they came to take his body they put his head in between his legs.

I'll never forget that image of this person with their head facing forward in between their legs. Looked like a cheaply made horror movie. Definitely the creepiest thing I've ever seen and probably contributed to me not doing that job any more.


5 A.M.

My family and I were driving in a thickly wooded area in the upper Peninsula of Michigan. Way up there, like Crystal Falls/Iron Mountain area where most of the homes were owned by wealthy, older people who rent out cabins to vacation goers.

We had to drive through a long, dirt road to get to the main road and it led only to privately owned property on the other end. It was about 5am. We saw a figure in a dark cloak, carrying an old fashioned lantern. I really don't know why anyone would be roaming around private property in a woods where there's bears and other dangerous wildlife at 5am.


Swimming with a Corpse....

Technically missed the thing itself, but the news report was disturbing as hell. In short, my sister and I were about 30ft away from this suicide

And somehow we didn't notice. We eventually saw it on the local news, iirc my sister threw up because she had been swimming in the water with a corpse.


If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at