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This Story Of A Waiter Coming Through For A Young Couple On A Date At A Fancy Restaurant Has Us Cheering So Hard ❤️


It's always a little nerve-wracking to meet new people, but it's especially terrifying to go out on a first date.

This story goes out to everyone who's gotten nervous on a first date, and to everyone who has jumped in to help.

Twitter user @forwardnotback, AKA Tim, shared an incredible story of a date that he witnessed.

It is clear to him that the couple at hand was just starting out, but that didn't mean that their love was any less palpable.

Tim's Twitter thread chronicles the story while he throws in little snippets of his own reactions.

Many people are applauding the waiter and his generous gesture of kindness.

Others are simply enjoying how pure this story is.

Happy early Valentine's Day!