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People Share The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say

People Share The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Heard Someone Say

You can expect someone to say something creepy when you're watching a horror movie, or visiting a haunted house at Halloween. Sometimes people just come out with the creepiest stuff when you're just sitting around and chatting, or passing them on the street, though.

Reddit user u/Batpresident asked:

"What is the creepiest thing you've heard someone say?"

*Content Warning: Article contains mention of attempted (but unsuccessful) child abduction*



One evening, I thought I was alone in the locked cathedral - practicing the organ for a forthcoming recital.

The sexton came up behind me (I didn't see him coming), tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Don't let the organ get too big - you'll disturb the bats in the steeple."

Sure enough, after he left and it grew darker, bats started flying around the nave. They had been nesting in the steeple, directly above the 32' pedal pipes (I was using those stops at the time).


FB Groups

There's a guy in one of my Facebook group who's always been desperate for a girlfriend. He's super lonely and self-depreciating to a point where he's definitely putting it on for attention.

Once he said he buys two cinema tickets and will wait around to see if a "lady" (he always refers to women as ladies; "I want to meet a nice lady") shows up alone and he'll offer her a ticket to watch the movie with him. While this might seem cute at first, I would never accept a ticket from a stranger, let alone then watch it with them!! Definitely made my skin crawl.




Was working at a preschool for a while, ages 3-5. Most of the kids were normal for their age, acting up here and their but relatively normal. All of them except for Ian our oldest this year. He was a little weird, very quiet, lacked social skills, and just had an unerving oddnes about him.

One day I was cleaning up an art project we had the kids doing when ian approached me with a sheet of paper with 4 numbers written on it. 4, 7, 2, 1. He hands it to me matter of factly and just stares at me. Best practice tells us to engage with the kid and ask about his picture. So I say to the kid, "Wow, ian these are really good numbers did you write these? are these your favorites?" Ian looks at me weird and replies, "no, the man told me these are the numbers for the bomb" he then smiled, turned and ran over to play with blocks before I could ask him more questions. For some reason it just freaked me the f*ck out at the time.



Me and my friends were walking back to my house from being at the park the whole day ( we were around 13 ) . It was kinda rainy but it was fine cause we had an umbrella . Then a guy pulled his car over it was some old green estate , he rolled down his window and goes " hey ladies are you okay there you Need a lift " All of my friends stayed silent , so I go " eh no we are okay thx " Things get repetitive and he says the thing again but he said it more aggressively and kinda forcefully me and my friends we terrified so we start to speed walk away .

As we start to walk away the guy bumps his car onto the pavement so we almost couldn't get around him on the pavement , and goes again " do you want a lift ladies it's not great weather " I think it was the way he said it that made my friend run but we all followed until we eventually got back to my house . It all happened so fast we didn't remember the number plate . But me and my friends could give a description and we did the police said they couldn't do anything and they would just take note of his details . God knows where this is guy is now but it's kinda scary to think about .


In a freezer

A young woman sat down in my lap and tried to seduce me by telling about a dead body that she and/or her friend had cut into pieces and put in a freezer. This was at a school, so she wasn't drunk or anything.

She didn't get lucky that night, at least not with me


First to die


"Nobody wants to be the first to die.... hahaha"

Context: I was at a petrol station and saw a drunk homeless man stumble in and try to buy a cigar. The cashier told him "sorry we don't sell single cigars, just packs". The homeless guy made a gutteral noise and slurring every word said "GIVE ME ONE CIGAR" and the cashier again refused.

So then he muttered under his breath "Nobody wants to be the first to die... hahaha" in a totally sober sounding voice, no slurring. Then he put his hood up and walked in a straight line right out the door with purpose.



Last week my 6 year old granddaughter said to me, "Papa, you're going to die today" followed by giggles. It was her idea of a joke, I was worried all day. I'm still here, lol.


Gotta die

"Whelp, gotta die someway"

Spoken by my four yr old neice when an ambulance passed our car with sirens blasting.




"Your mom told me to pick you up"

Mom used to pick me up from school, but she works a busy job and if she couldn't be there, she'd hire a driver to pick me up on super rare occasions, or if a coworker/friend was able to they'd pick me up. One day this guy drives up to where I usually wait and tells me he's here to pick me up. I tell him my mom is picking me up. He said she hired him to pick me up and said she told him what I looked like and that I fit the description.

I am pretty young at this point, but something didn't sit right, so I ask if I could call mom to confirm. The guy is getting more impatient, saying I should just hurry and get in the car. Mom then rolls in in her car right after, and I basically run into her car. I watch as the guy just drives off...



"My uncle has been watching you through your bedroom window with his binoculars."

My friend told me this when I was 15. She lived down the street from me.


Thank god she told you about it. That's fked up.


Yes. I loved her to death but lost touch years ago. She saved me from at least from being peeped on. He was 37.

He was visiting his sister and when she found out all Hell broke lose and I never saw him after that. My friend told me that her mother told him "nothing better happen to that kid!"



A taxi cab driver during our conversation on my way to work: "You are such a beautiful lady, Good thing I know where you live and where you work."

I was so shocked that I ended up inventing a story about a boyfriend being in the military.


Nice House


"I know exactly where you live, it looks like a nice house"

Said by a customer who randomly thought telling me they knew where I lived would spark up a conversation with me. It did not. Luckily the person they were with read my facial expression of "what the actual f**k!?" And told them to be quiet.



I was drinking water while in line at a 7/11. And a shady dude told me i must have really healthy kidneys and they might be worth a lot to the right people.



"You're a brave lady being out here all by yourself.."

Said to me in the laundry room at my apartment complex right after the light bulb burnt out leaving me in complete darkness with a very creepy dude. I was 20 at the time & terrified.


2 year old


I woke up to my 2 yo screaming. She had a bad dream and kept repeating "Baby get me! Baby get me!" I told her she was safe that no one was going to get her. Then she gets real calm, stares at the dark open door and says slowly in almost a whisper "baby get you." Gave me nightmares for a week. Thanks kid.


Little sis

My little sister turned round to me a few weeks ago and deadpan told me that I was going to have a really bad nightmare that night and that I should keep a big bottle of water by my bed... needless to say I had a lucid dream about my skin catching fire and I swear to god I felt like my skin was burning off, the water helped calm me down when I woke up.



"Hey sweetie? Are you lost?"

Four guys asked me one day, while i was walking around town at night, waiting for a bus to arrive in half an hour. Was just walking around with headphones on, to pass time, and suddenly, four guys walked to me, one of them reached for my shoulder, and asked that.

Never has i ever been so scared before.

Luckily, they noticed my response, stepped back and was like "We just saw you walk by a few times, and wondered, sorry for shocking you" and... they were actually really nice


Little bro


Tucking my little brother in (parents were out, he's five). Go to close the closet and he, out of nowhere, says "He can only see me if it's open." Me - "What?" He doesn't awnser me and just stares at me. I open the closet look through it and find nothing (it only has clothes) Anytime i ask him about it he says he doesn't remember. I couldn't sleep that night.



I go to a summer camp, and one year I remember one kid had a really bad problem with sleep talking, well muttering really. One night, we all woke up to him screaming, going silent, and then saying, "No one can hear you scream at the bottom of the lake."


Elderly mom

Was staying with a family friends elderly mother (90ish) while they were away. The first night I was asleep and heard her call my name. I went to her room to see what she needed. She said that it wasn't her that called me. It was her friend Ruby. We are alone in the house. I chalk it up as her being old and confused. I start to walk out of her room and hear my name again. But it wasn't the elderly ladies voice. I whipped my head back towards her and she said " I told you it was Ruby. She is waiting for you in Hell." I was 16 at the time and freaked the out! My parents made me stay there. I called and told (begged ) them I wanted to leave. It still gives me the creeps after 30 years.