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People Reveal The Most Evil Thing They've Seen A Child Do

"What a little punk."

People Reveal The Most Evil Thing They've Seen A Child Do

"Children don't know any better." It's important to remind yourself of that as you take a look at the stories below. Kids are compacted containers of unhinged emotions and unfiltered reactions. They act off their instincts and don't think through to the consequences, because without proper life experience consequences don't exist for them yet.

Still, some of these kids might be the literal devil.

Reddit user, u/Fingolf645, wanted to know about the worst of the worst when they asked:

We all know these sweet, pure stories about someone else's children. But what is the most evil thing you have ever seen a child do?



I saw my 5 y/o neighbor kill a puppy for fun and then he tried to blame it on my brother.

Luckily I witnessed the situation and cleared things up.


Not Just A Terrible Child, But A Terrible Uncle.

My younger brother is a psychopath. We are 13 years apart. When I was very pregnant with my second child he tried to drop kick me in the stomach and said he wanted to kill my baby. He was mad because I wouldn't let him play a video game.

Another time when he was around 6 or 7 he took a baseball bat and jumped on the neighbor's car hood and started bashing it on the hood and roof making dents. The neighbor cane out horrified and when he yelled at my brother my mom came out and threatened to whoop the neighbor's a--. My mom is part of the reason my brother is such a sh-t. He's 17 now, and I'm sure he will end up in prison some day.


That's Not Where The Bathroom Is


I work with emotionally disturbed kids. So you know... I see a lot of kids doing evil sh-t.

My worst one was when a kid grabbed a 3/4 full carton of milk at lunch and pissed in it to fill it up. He then, calm as anything, yelled for the principal to come out. As soon as he walked out of his office door the kid threw the milk/piss all over him. The principal was wearing a down jacket

It was my first week working in this sort of environment, so I hadn't reached the point where I'd normalized it, and was so beyond horrified. Honestly, the calm, creepy manner he did it, and the joy he got, makes this situation stick out more than the kid who cut up a rat, or the kid who set a frog on fire.


Life Aspirations Are Good, Just Make Sure They Won't Get You Arrested

Interviewed an elementary student about what he wanted to be when he grows up. He said serial killer. Alarming, but I just responded that wouldn't work out very well. "What about a job?" So he says he wants to be a police officer. And it's an interview so I ask him why? Does he want to keep people safe? He told me he wants to use a gun. That's all... I hope he doesn't make it.


The Enemy Of All Cats

My 7 year old cousin shoved her cat into a duffel bag and zipped it shut, kept it in there. Needless to say, my family found a better home for the cat.


"This Is For Your Own Good?"


My neighbors daughter (4? Maybe 5) stomped on her rabbit in the garden why chanting "This is for your own good" with each stomp.

I told my neighbor what I saw but "MY daughter would NEVER do that" and now we don't even say good morning.


You Only Need One Cheek Hole

When I was in preschool, some kid (a little mental) snuck up behind me with safety scissors and snipped a hole in my cheek. That is the only clear memory I have of preschool — I was bleeding like crazy


Really Think You Buried The Lede On This One...

My cousin stole my mom's necklace she got from her grandmother and tried to sell it to the same pawnshop my mom worked at.

When she was caught, she tried to pin the blame on me and after she has had her sights on me.

Best revenge I had was when we met again and she tried to fight me and I just carried her and locked her in the bathroom for 6 hours.


What Did They Call This In "Zombieland?" The "Double Tap?"


I was the child. The day after my dad had his vasectomy, I kicked him in the crotch.

(I was only 4, but still!)


They Were Not Good Friends With Frog & Toad

I was once hosting a gazebo at a wildlife event. I was an intern for a conservation charity in the UK. A group of children came up to me and I showed them the froglets that were making their way back to a pond nearby. For some reason, these little demons started grabbing baby frogs and ripping their legs off. I was so horrified I couldn't even say anything. I didn't point out the survivors to any other kids.


This Sounds Like A Problem For Both Parent and Child

I watched a five year old boy cop a feel. The victim didn't notice, but the kid made eye contact with me immediately before and after, so he knew I saw. I rattled him out to his father, who said, "I'll teach him to buy them dinner first."


"...Don't Care."


When I was younger, I had a younger cousin that ties my little sisters' hair to the bike rim and then F-CKING PEDALS.

I got a metal pipe and full force swing it at his jaw.

I think he's in prison now, don't care.


When Not Even The Parents Are Alerted, There's A Problem

I was a child as well at the time, but in first grade during an after school activity for writing I sat next to a group of girls I'd never interacted with before. Well I remember reading a book and then feeling something splinter off in my arm. It hurt like hell at the time and I looked over and one of the girls had stabbed her pencil into my forearm. There was a bit of blood and some splinters and this girl was just glaring at me as she twisted the pencil in. I was frozen because what the f-ck.

I think she stabbed me in the same place like 3 or 4 more times before a teacher finally saw my upraised hand and came over. Not a f-cking word was said as the teacher removed the pencil and clotted the blood. My parents were never told and this girl wasn't told anything either. No idea what became of her.


The Key Is Not To Break Eye-Contact While You're Doing It

My niece was trying to pour herself some Sunny D and my sister said not to do that because it's a new container and too heavy for her.

My niece said she can do it and my sister told her not to do it on the carpet where she was and to move to the kitchen so if she spills, it's ok.

My niece looked at her and dumped the juice on the carpet.

power move.


This Sounds Like Regular Older Sister Stuff....


I have 3 older sisters and when we were all kids we bought a trampoline. They all tied me to a chair while they went out to play on it


"Grab Your Fruit."

This is far from the worst thing in this thread, but I need to share it as it officially cemented my dislike for children, especially of the preteen age.

At my work (A middle school, or ages 11-13) we have this rule (Which is actually a law) that every student MUST take a fruit or vegetable. This isn't usually a problem for most kids as they'll just take the easiest thing to grab. An apple, a juice, some carrot packs etc. Not this one girl. She's 11 years old. Every day it's a fight with her to just take the fruit or vegetable and move on. One day I guess she had had 'enough' of me making her do what she's told. So she turns to her friend and goes "We better get a fruit before this f-cking b-tch makes us do it." My blood boiled. I'm just trying to follow the rules written by my job so I don't get in trouble.

"Excuse me?" I said "Wasn't talking to you." Said in the most snotty a-- voice ever.

I let it go until her friend came up without a fruit as well. She started to complain but I stopped her right there.

"B-tch says so. Grab your fruit."


Sure, They're Fine NOW, But Still...

When I was younger, I had a friend, who picked up a broken fragment of a concrete slab and threw it on a kid that was giving him stick. The poor kid was bleeding from his head, parents involved. I remember precisely the kids' mother screaming to this friend of mine's parents; "Your son is going to be a gangster by the time he reaches adulthood, mark my words".

Update: This 'friend' grew up to be perfectly fine, however.


Just A Little Snip, Snip


When I was about 5 my younger sister tried to cut of my little-finger with a pair of pliers. She wasn't mean though, just little, dumb and pissed because of something I had done to her. Still... hurt like hell.


You Never Want To Take Chances When The Joker Is Involved

Late to the party and it is a throw away. My son is evil. He is 8 now, has problems disassociating reality with make believe, my ex wife enables him and belives everything he says. Within a week of starting school, he accused a teacher of touching him in his special place after school one day, was disproved once the CCTV in the class room was reviewed.

Regularly punches his younger brother in the face saying "die Joker"

He also told his teacher than [sic] I choked him when my ex wife wasn't there. Social services were called, not allowed to be near my sons. Got kicked out of the home. Wife files for a protection order and because of it I was let go from work ( I require security clearance for my job). The social worker later found out that he was making it up, because my son calls me Homer now.



Perth 'schoolgirl hung from tree with a skipping rope'

I didn't witness it but it happened at my local primary school. A 10 year old girl with a heart defect was hung with a skipping rope by some kids in her class. I can't even comprehend what those little bastards were thinking. It makes me sick to my stomach that a 10 year old kid would do something like that.

Edit: she survived, thought I should add that in.


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