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"I didn't think you'd find out."

Getting cheated on, according to those who've been there, can be considered "less than ideal." Honestly, it's the worst kind of pain you could experience. Nothing like putting your trust in someone only for them to betray you and firmly establish your lack of faith in humanity. However, surely there must be a good reason for their infidelity, right?...Right?

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When something tickles our funny bone, it's natural to let it out with laughter. Hardy, boisterous laughter that would make Santa Claus blush and The Joker rethink his lifestyle choices. That begs the question, though: What could have possibly made someone laugh the hardest they ever had in their life? Surprisingly, answers may vary.

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There was something new about them.

Divorce can stem from a lot of different seeds. Maybe it's a case of incompatibility, where the two parties were never going to fit no matter how hard they tried. Maybe time is a determining factor and some life-altering event changes your partner forever. Whatever the case, divorce is most often permanent and hopefully both parties move on peacefully to new horizons. That's all you can hope for. However, in some rare instances the end isn't the end.

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