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"I love my kids, but..."

Good parenting means accepting your kids as they are. If their interests involve driving across the country to take part in a softball tournament, you do it. If they need to stay up late preparing for a spelling bee, you do it. If they failed to notify you of a science project until 8pm the night before it's due, you help them complete it, then you ground them. See, that's the thing. You do it, but you don't have to like the kids.

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No job is perfect. Even the most desirable "dream jobs" can lead to stressful weeks and pained nights. Those situations can lead to underperforming which then can lead to firing. However, maybe deep down that's what you wanted all along. Maybe getting fired was worth it.

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"That's not how that works..."

We all know that one person.

You know, whenever someone suggest to watch a movie together, you groan silently and roll your eyes. Once the film begins, the torture starts. "This wouldn't happen that way in real life," or, "That's not how that works!" or "He's not that tall." A self-proclaimed "movie buff" who just has to share everything wrong with the film. No matter that movies are all about bringing the unrealistic to reality, they need to speak up.

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