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Local News Anchor Calls Out Lauren Boebert For Unhinged 2021 'Replacement Theory' Video

Local News Anchor Calls Out Lauren Boebert For Unhinged 2021 'Replacement Theory' Video
9News Next/YouTube; Congresswoman Lauren Boebert/Facebook

The recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York—a racist act of domestic terrorism—has been tied to the White nationalist Great Replacement conspiracy theory that claims White people are being replaced by people of color.

The White gunman—who drove over 200 miles to murder mostly elderly Black grocery shoppers—made reference to replacement theory in his alleged manifesto.

10 people were murdered and three more injured in the Buffalo attack. 11 of the 13 victims were Black.

In a segment of 9News Next with Kyle Clark, the Denver anchor called out Republican Representative Lauren Boebert for espousing and spreading the same White nationalist rhetoric.

Anchor Kyle Clark explained:

"The targeted killing of Black shoppers in a grocery store in Buffalo, New York over the weekend is just the latest mass shooting apparently inspired by the baseless and racist replacement theory—the idea that Jews and Democratic elites are trying to replace White Americans with people of color from other countries."

Clark told viewers:

"There are some conservative political figures that will hint about this theory or speak about it in code."
"And then there’s Colorado’s Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert."

Clark then showed a clip of Boebert date stamped 9/27/2021 that was originally posted on the GOP Congresswoman's official Facebook page.

You can see Clark's 9News Next segment here:

Boebert was elected in November 2020 and took her oath of office January 3, 2021.

Three days later, Boebert allegedly supported a violent insurrection—planned and carried out by White nationalist, White supremacist and other Trump supporters—at the United States Capitol which left 5 people dead, over 100 injuries to law enforcement and millions of dollars in damages.

Nine months later Boebert was spouting White nationalist rhetoric on camera.

Boebert said in the clip:

"They want to grant amnesty and a path to citizenship to 8 million illegal aliens."
"Yes, there is definitely a replacement theory that’s going on right now."
"We are killing American jobs and bringing in illegal aliens from all over the world to replace them if Americans will not comply."

After playing the clip, Clark said:

"That was Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert openly espousing replacement theory by name in 2021."

Clark added the Buffalo domestic terrorist echoed similar White nationalist themes.

The 9News anchor also shared the segment on Twitter.

Red flags were previously waved when Boebert spouted the replacement theory rhetoric in 2021.

People sounded off online about Boebert and other Republicans parroting the racist conspiracy theory.

The White nationalist conspiracy theory inspired the 2017 Unite the Right marchers in Charlottesville, Virginia to chant "Jews will not replace us."

Replacement theory was also cited by at least three other mass shooters since 2018.

Republican politicians as well as conservative media pundits—like Fox News' Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham—are facing increased scrutiny and criticism for pushing the baseless conspiracy theory.