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Twitter Users Share Which Christmas Songs They Wish They'd Never Have To Hear Again

Up until December 25 each year, people who celebrate Christmas are expected to grit their teeth and bear the incessant onslaught of Yuletide carols that repeats ad infinitum across every radio station. Now that the holiday is in the rearview mirror, however, Twitter user Jennifer Wright posed a challenge that the internet was 100% ready for.

After a long Christmas season, the answers were in no short supply.

Interesting song trivia doesn't make them any less terrible!

Of course, tearjerking songs got put on blast.

Some opinions were definitely more controversial than others!

Christmas' novelty numbers did not fare well...

It turns out Sir Paul McCartney was definitely not knighted for his carol-writing skills.

"Baby, It's Cold Outside" can never quite avoid controversy.

No song was too popular to be taken down!

Some of these duds go back decades.

Why do we even listen to these songs?

Audiences hate being preached to.

This just in: Apparently all Christmas music is terrible? That may be so, but we can't wait for its return next year.