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MAGA Fan Christian Walker Sobs About Missing L.A. Two Months After Moving To Florida

MAGA Fan Christian Walker Sobs About Missing L.A. Two Months After Moving To Florida
@ChristianWalk1r/Twitter; @christianwalk1r/Instagram

Homosexual-but-not-gay—his words, not ours—MAGA minion Christian Walker is once again eliciting massive eyerolls on social media after posting a tearful video about how much he misses California, the state he repeatedly derided as too "woke."

Walker—son of controversial Trump-endorsed Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker—found California so intolerably "woke" he decamped to Florida, which he extolled as a conservative utopia and where he hob-nobbed with anti-LGBTQ+ Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

But in a recent post Walker was missing California so much he was moved to tears—and the internet is dragging him for his melodramatic hypocrisy.

Walker shared the tearful lament on his Instagram Story, which has since expired.

But TikTokers took screencaps, which you can see below.


So much for moving out of the “hell hole wasteland” of California??? #christianwalker #miamiflorida #california #conservativelgbtq #redstate #greenscreen

Walker misses California so much he said if he could snap his fingers and be back there instead of his new home in Miami, he would.

He went on to say:

“I feel like I’m going through the worst breakup of my life."
"That’s the best way to describe the feeling."
"I love LA so much so I’m heartbroken."
"I’m sure this is a transition period and I’ll feel better soon."

Then, referencing his infamous—and ridiculous—attempt at a fight with singer Kehlani in a Starbucks drive-through, he added:

"See you at Starbucks tomorrow.”

Anyway, that's a pretty surprising commentary after Walker's repeated complaints about the woke liberal "hell hole" and "wasteland" of California.

He certainly had no love for the Golden State when he announced his move to Florida back in July.

At the time, Walker tweeted:

"I’M ESCAPING CALIFORNIA AND MOVING TO FLORIDA!!! California has been ruined by the left. They punish hard work and reward bad behavior."
"I’m off to somewhere that supports my values and protects it’s residents. SEE YOU IN MIAMI, DESANTIS-LAND, FLORIDA 😍🍊☀️"

And just last week, Walker was taking to Twitter to crow about how perfect Florida is by comparison.

None of this escaped the notice of Twitter, which has been dragging him to filth.

Of course, tears are great for gaining clicks and views so tomorrow he'll probably be crying about how much he loves living in a state where he can be sued without burden of proof for merely existing near a public school if someone decides that amounts to a violation of his buddy DeSantis' so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill.

We wish him the best of luck getting over himself.