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Chelsea Clinton Pens Mic Drop Response After Fox News Goes After Her Mother Once Again

Brooks Kraft/Getty Images

The world met Chelsea Clinton as a reserved and intelligent "first kid." But that was decades ago and Ms. Clinton has since opted to keep the smarts and drop the shy.

Her willingness to use her voice was on prime display two days ago when she criticized Fox News.

The station has heavily covered her mother, Hillary Clinton, for years. Critics say the heavy coverage even when there are more pressing stories is obsessive and misogynistic.

Fox News—which was created on October 7, 1996 by conservative provocateur Rupert Murdoch—has been disparaging Hillary Clinton since day one on air when Clinton was still First Lady.

In a move that would seem to support the theory of a Clinton obsession by top executives or Murdoch himself, Fox made an interesting programming choice for the evening of President Biden's inauguration.

Historically, the last night of a presidency is spent reflecting on the outgoing administration and looking forward to what the new presidency might look like. The Biden/Harris inauguration was particularly historic as Kamala Harris is the first woman, Asian American and Black personto hold the office of Vice President.

Fox News opted to ignore all of that to hold a panel about Hillary Clinton instead prompting many, including Chelsea Clinton, to call out the channel.

Somebody felt pretty strongly about Chelsea's position.

Fox News coverage since the inauguration has continued to mention private citizen since 2016 Hillary Clinton.