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Feminist Author Amused To Find She's Listed As A Speaker At Conservative Conference Despite Never Even Being Invited

Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images for #Grazia10

An author has said she was mistakenly listed as appearing at the Conservative Party conference, but was never actually invited.

Feminist activist Caroline Criado Perez, whose book Invisible Women won the Royal Society science book prize, took to Twitter after she was sent a picture of the conference brochure, which listed her as a speaker.

She wrote: “As far as I'm aware, no one even asked me?!"

According to the brochure, she had been invited to participate in a panel discussion on “The gender voting gap: How can political parties better respond to female voters' concerns?"

The listing on the Conservative Party website (PA)

Perez told the PA news agency: “I have had no contact at all. I would love to know what happened. Some people have suggested it was done deliberately. I find that really weird if that is the case — it's quite flattering.

“I probably would not have gone to that panel. I am not particularly interested in helping them reach more voters without them making fundamental changes to the policies they are proposing which would be categorically bad for women."

She continued: “The Brexit they are proposing, likely to be a crashing out Brexit, has huge economic consequences, and women are the ones who shoulder the brunt of it."

Her book, Invisible Women, explores how the gender data gap has created a world biased against women.

When asked, the Conservative Party directed questions to Onward, who organized the programming for the conference.

Onward did not respond for comment.

Her tweet spawned a satirical reaction from her followers.

Adam Rutherford said: “I'm delighted announce @CCriadoPerez as the host of this year's Oscars, which will be held in my front room."

Kevin Fingleton wrote: “Delighted to announce that @CCriadoPerez will be switching on the Christmas lights in Carndonagh, Co Donegal this December."