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Resurfaced Footage Of Candace Cameron Devastating Young Fans By Bailing On Mall Event Goes Viral

The 'Candace Cameron Mall Riot' took place at a 1992 meet and greet at the MicMac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Candace Cameron Bure; TikTok screenshot of the "mall riot"
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images; @ctvmoore/TikTok

Resurfaced archival footage of actress Candace Cameron Bure devastating her young fans after she bailed on an event at the MicMac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has gone viral after it was shared by Canadian reporter Nick Moore, who has been posting clips from CTV's 50th-anniversary segments in a TikTok series.

"The Candace Cameron Mall Riot of 1992"—as Moore referred to it—featured fans of the actress, who was a teenager starring on Full House at the time, bursting into tears after Cameron Bure told them she needed to leave and had a flight to catch before she was ushered out by security.

While Full House was never a critical darling, it was nonetheless one of the biggest shows of its day, consistently in the Nielson Top 30, and has gained even more fans in syndicated reruns.

So the disappointment of these fans and their frustrated parents is palpable—one father told the news network, then known as ATV, that he and his child had waited for six hours to meet Cameron Bure just before her exit—and attendance at the "madhouse" event was so great that mall security had to call for backup to contain it.

You can see footage of the 1992 "mall riot" in the video below.


Here’s one of ATV’s most infamous reports… It was 1992 and ATV was airing Full House reruns six nights a week, plus new episodes every Tuesday night. It was often the highest rated non-news show in the region each night. Here’s proof: #50DaysOfATV #Maritimes #AtlanticCanada #NovaScotia #Dartmouth #Halifax #NewBrunswick #PrinceEdwardIsland #NewfoundlandAndLabrador

The clip Moore shared contains interviews with the devastated children and their parents in addition to footage of a then-teenaged Cameron Bure telling the crowd she had to leave.

One young girl told ATV News at the time she had arrived at "10:30 and I never got to see her and I'm so mad." Other fans complained about pushing and shoving in the long line to meet the actor and parents expressed concerns about their children's safety, so great was the response to the canceled event.

TikTok users were fascinated by the footage and couldn't help but share their thoughts.

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Cameron Bure—who made a name for herself post-Full House as the star of more than two dozen Hallmark Channel original productions—is an Evangelical Christian Republican who has courted controversy over the years for her conservative beliefs.

The sister of fellow Evangelist Kirk Cameron, Cameron Bure recently departed Hallmark citing concerns about a "change in leadership" shortly after the television network aired a holiday film featuring a same-sex couple as its primary focus, part of its inclusivity efforts to produce stories with racial diversity, interracial couples, BIPOC leads and LGBTQ+ characters.

Earlier this year, Cameron Bure announced she would be leaving Hallmark and taking an executive role at Great American Media, where she would produce and star in productions aimed at conservative audiences that will "promote faith programming and good family entertainment" and "keep traditional marriage at the core."

Bure didn't specify if it was only the LGBTQ+ representation or also the racial inclusivity she objected to—both part of the reason for the change in management she lamented.

Cameron Bure's remarks were later countered by Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert, who applauded Hallmark's move, saying it is "embracing our creative ideas."