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Lauren Boebert Tried To Own The Libs With Her Latest Gun Rights Rant—And It Instantly Backfired

Lauren Boebert Tried To Own The Libs With Her Latest Gun Rights Rant—And It Instantly Backfired
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado face-planted on Twitter Wednesday while attempting to own the libs.

Boebert tried to leverage a mass shooting in her home state—where 10 people were murdered—in order to complain about Democrats' defense of voting rights and support for gun control.

Her post read:

"Liberals keep saying it's easier to buy a gun than it is to vote, but I don't seem to remember when the government sent me an AR-15 in the mail."

Boebert received a tidal wave of backlash for it.

Much of it centered on the question of how the murderer who killed 10 people in a supermarket in the city of Boulder, Colorado acquired the assault weapon he used. The killer—who was on an FBI watchlist—was able to purchase a semi-automatic weapon because of the repeal of a Colorado gun control law just 10 days before the incident, after judges bowed to pressure from pro-gun politicians and organizations like the National Rifle Association.

That change in the law meant a man was able to walk into a gun shop and purchase an assault rifle and ammo like it was a gallon of milk despite being actively monitored by the FBI because they believed him to be a threat.

Many cited it was all thanks to gun laws being rendered utterly toothless by the work of Republican politicians like Boebert.

Contrast that with what one needs to do in order to vote: register with the government, sometimes weeks or months beforehand; have a state-issued ID in some states; drive an hour or more and wait in line for up to 11 hours at some polling places.

Prefer to vote by mail instead?

First, meet a list of requirements to do so in many states; then have a signature verified in order for your mail-in vote to count.

Again, many felt it was all thanks to voter suppression laws written and championed by Republican politicians like Boebert.

Twitter didn't take kindly to Boebert's post.

Boebert's tweet is something of a return to her gun-obsessed form after ditching her usual wall-of-assault-weapons Zoom backdrop to deliver her statement about the mass shooting last week.