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GOP Rep. Dragged For Making Flashing Joke Despite Her Husband Having Exposed Himself To A Minor

GOP Rep. Dragged For Making Flashing Joke Despite Her Husband Having Exposed Himself To A Minor
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Colorado GOP Representative Lauren Boebert, who only took office two months ago, is already no stranger to controversy.

The freshman lawmaker's brief career in Congress has been characterized by a weekly circus of bad press surrounding the insurrection, her fast and loose relationship with guns and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

And now, she's back in the news after making a tasteless joke about sexual harassment.

The months-long storm of headlines kicked off when Boebert staunchly supported former President Donald Trump's false claims about voter fraud in the 2020 election. Her supportive rhetoric, alongside similar claims from other lawmakers, very likely fanned the flames of anti-democratic energy that led to the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

Right around that time, Boebert even filmed herself pretending to proudly walk around Washington, DC with her Glock in tow.

And about a week after that, she grabbed headlines when she clashed with Capitol Police officers after she set off metal detectors installed following the riot.

Last week, Boebert's fraught relationship with those metal detectors got her into trouble once again.

On Twitter, she decided to use a cheeky reference from The Office to exaggerate the inconvenience of passing through the detectors on her way into the House Floor.

The GIF showed a scene in which one character, Dwight, dropped his pants and lifted his shirt to show nothing hidden beneath his clothing.

As if poking fun at very deliberate safety measures wasn't controversial enough, Boebert's tweet edged into problematic territory when people remembered her husband's history of indecent exposure.

In 2004, when Boebert was still dating future husband, Jayson Boebert, he exposed his penis to a group of women, one of whom was 16 years old, at a bowling alley. The incident ended with Jayson Boebert pleading guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure, spending four days in jail, and earning two years' probation.

People on Twitter were honestly shocked at Boebert's lack of foresight when posting the tweet.

Others were a bit more serious.

They were outraged she poked fun at something so important.

With nearly two years left to go in her term as Congresswoman, at the least, we can expect plenty more headlines from Boebert in the future.

Her doing her actual job as a member of Congress looks increasingly doubtful.