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Lauren Boebert Called Out For Ditching Her Gun Display Background After Boulder Shooting

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado attracted attention last month when she appeared at a virtual House committee meeting in front of a large display of rifles.

Now, following the mass shooting in her home state of Colorado, Boebert appeared in a virtual interview to argue against stricter gun regulations.

This time, however, many viewers noticed that her guns were gone.

If Boebert is so certain guns aren't anything to be ashamed of, Twitter wondered why Boebert removed her display.

Apparently, Boebert felt her guns might not send the right message after a mass shooting.

Perhaps Boebert didn't want her gun display reminding viewers of how easy it is to buy heavy-duty assault weapons in America.

Twitter ridiculed Boebert for her sudden, unacknowledged change of decor.

People noticed a slight inconsistency between Boebert's message and her actions.

Perhaps Boebet's guns will reappear after some time has passed since the most recent mass shooting.