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Movie Buffs Are Pointing Out That 'Blade Runner' Is No Longer Set In The Future

Movie Buffs Are Pointing Out That 'Blade Runner' Is No Longer Set In The Future
(Yui Mok/PA Images)

We are truly living in the future. Fans of Ridley Scott's 1980s sci-fi movie Blade Runner have branded November "Blade Runner Month" as it was pointed out the film is set this November.

The original film, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Young, was released in 1982 and set in Los Angeles in November 2019, meaning that the movie is no longer as futuristic as it looks.

A fan of the film tweeted out a short clip, commenting: “Blade Runner has officially become a movie set in modern day."

In the dystopian movie, characters dress in futuristic outfits with dramatic make-up, leading fans to suggest that everybody should dress in costume throughout November.

But as is the case with many futuristic movies, the sci-fi gadgets and technology on show in the film are much more exciting than the ones in the real November 2019.

“Where's my airship?" said one Twitter user.

A social media user described the film as “optimistic," claiming that the real Los Angeles ought to have “abundant rain" and “noodle stands on every corner" as in the movie.

Screenwriter Oliver Warden quoted the film on Twitter, saying “I've waited 37 years to tweet this. 'Like tears in rain'. I made it!"

Blade Runner is loosely based on Philip K. Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and features synthetic humans known as replicants who were bio-engineered to work on off-world colonies.

The sequel to the film, Blade Runner 2049, was released in 2017 and stars Harrison Ford reprising his role from the original, as well as Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto.

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