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AOC Had The Perfect Mic Drop Response To A Salacious Story About A Medic Having An OnlyFans

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

On Saturday, December 12, a New York Post story about a New York city medic who took a second job on OnlyFans because her healthcare position wasn't paying her enough to live on went viral on Twitter.

Many online quickly pushed back against the Post's framing, which seemed to shame the medic for her second job.

Before long, even Democratic New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had replied to the story, saying it was yet another example of America's unacceptable economic disparity.

Twitter lined up behind AOC to support the medic who reportedly lost her job as a medic due to her OnlyFans work.

The New York Post also faced a swift online backlash for pushing out the article with a title many found misleading.

If anyone deserves to make a living wage doing their work during the pandemic, its our healthcare workers on the front lines.

If anything needs reforming, its the system that forces healthcare workers to take second jobs just to stay afloat.

All Americans, especially our essential workers, deserve a living wage for a hard day's work.