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'Star Wars' Actor Anthony Daniels Sends Message Of Support To Young Musicians To Keep Making Music During Lockdown

'Star Wars' Actor Anthony Daniels Sends Message Of Support To Young Musicians To Keep Making Music During Lockdown Gwasanaeth Cerdd Sir Benfro / Pembrokeshire Music Service

" Star Wars" actor Anthony Daniels has used a video message to urge a group of young musicians to keep making music during the coronavirus lockdown.

Daniels was the only actor to appear in all nine films in the Skywalker saga as C-3P0.

He told students from Pembrokeshire's Music Service that practicing their instruments will “help you get through this."

Daniels sent the video after being contacted by Lynwen Brennan, executive vice president of Lucasfilm and sister of Sian Lowe, the services' peripatetic strings teacher.

“I was talking to Mrs Lowe the other day about her talented group of cellists and indeed about all you other musicians who are having to practice by yourselves at the moment," he said.

“I know practicing is hard work at the best of times, but you are going to have to be really self-disciplined until you meet up with your teachers again."

He highlighted the importance of music scores.

“I love music. For me, John Williams' score for our films are so important. His compositions are equally as important as the character of Darth Vader or the beautiful Princess. Of course they are played by the most talented orchestras made up of musicians just like you," he said.

“My favorite tune is the Imperial March and of course, the Cantina band. I do love music. It doesn't mean I can make it. But you can, if you practice. So in these difficult times, practice, and have fun because your music making really will help you get through this."

“Good luck. And may the force be with you!"

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Lowe said a discussion about her nephew's music lessons led the sisters to the idea of asking for messages of support to inspire her pupils during Wales' lockdown.

“(Lynwen) contacted Anthony to see if he was interested and he was only too happy to help. He phoned me and was really enthusiastic about the idea," she said.

People loved the sentiment. Philip Deacon Sophie Williams Carolyn Davies

Lowe said the video had received a great reception from children who are currently using the music service's online learner zone, set up to support young musicians while they are at home.

“It's a whole new way of life for everyone at the moment, and we are trying to keep our pupils inspired and keep them going," she added.

The music service provides specialist tuition to young people across the county of Pembrokeshire.